Strathaven and Glassford Community Council January 31 2023

Minutes of Meeting

1. Sederunt: Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Les Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Munro Tulloch (Treasurer); John Graham (Minute Secretary); Morag Arnot; Linda Brown; Jacqui Laing; Margot McDonald; Douglas Scott and Aileen Stewart. Councillors: Susan Kerr. Police: Colin Drysdale and Andy McIntyre. Visitors: Robert Murray. 2.

2. Apologies: Councillor M. Cooper and Councillor E. Frame. 

3. Minutes of Previous Minutes (29/11/2022). The Minutes were Approved without change. Proposed: M. McDonald. Seconded: S. Tulloch. 

4. Police Report.

(a) Crime Figures from 30/12/2022 – 30/01/2023 were as follows:- 3 Thefts. 2 Theft Motor Vehicles (2 detected). 2 Assaults (2 detected). 3 Road Traffic (1 detected). 4 Frauds. 4 Vandalism (2 detected). 1 Misuse of Drugs. 2 ASBO (2 detected). 3 Communications Act. 1 Protection of Workers Act (Detected). 1Emergency Workers Act (Detected).

(b) The Speed Gun has been used on random roads but some roads are not suitable for speed checks. The 20mph limit does act as a deterrent.

(c) There has been bother with speeding on Glasgow Road and a resident has gathered interesting results from a survey which was carried out. R. Murray said that he can provide the survey to the Police.

(d) Housebreaking is not prevalent in the area and any incidents which occur usually involves the targeting of high value cars from outside properties.

(e) Some crimes are reported to the Police but many are not and the public should be encouraged to always report crimes. 

5. Community Action Plan – Update. CCTV: No further news regarding its installation. 

6. Standing Items.

(a) Clydesdale Tourism Group: Nothing to report. 

(b) Strathaven Castle. 1. No sign of work beginning and L. Hoggan to contact SLC for an update. 2. A Friends of Strathaven Castle Group has been formed and the CC Members agreed that contact should be made with the Group. Action – L. Hoggan and M. McDonald.

(c) Transport Sub-Group: The Group met on 20th December, 2022 when it was stated that the consultation on the one-way system for Bridge Street and Wellbrae was ongoing. Two proposals for layouts for the Bridge Street/Castle Street Junction were shown to the Group.

(d) Strathaven Post Office: Several meetings have taken place regarding moving the Post Office from Green Street involving the CC, CAS, Post Office Management, the Landlord, the Garage Owner and Politicians. Suggestions have been put forward for a solution to the problem and a six week extension to the 31st January deadline has been requested. CC Members were requested to consider possible ideas for a solution to where a Post Office should be situated.

7. Planning Applications. There were no concerns regarding recent Applications but one of the proposals has attracted an objection from a resident. 

8. Funding Opportunities. The next phase of the Town Centre Fund will begin soon. One Application will be allowed for Strathaven as before. Due to problems managing the previous phase the CC are reluctant to submit a Bid this time. L. Hoggan will forward the Rules to CC Members. 

9. Working Together for Avondale.

(a) £9,696 has been received from VASLan for Peer Groups. One Group has been completed and paid for.

(b) More support may be needed for the Top-up Payments Scheme. 

10. Strathaven CARS. All the work has been completed and the financial aspects of the scheme are being finalised. 

11. Kype Muir Fund.

(a) A Report was sent to CC Members prior to the Meeting.

(b) There have been no new Applications.

(c) Representatives of the CC met with Gordon Thomson from Banks Renewables to raise concerns over aspects of funding distribution. He will now speak to other members of the Kype Muir Group about the way forward regarding this. Nothing will be agreed without the CC being informed of any plans.

(d) The Kype Muir Extension should be up and running by May, 2023. This will mean that the Community Benefit will increase.

(e) There may be a chance for a bigger project for the Strathaven area in the future and ideas should be considered soon so that a project can be ready when the time for submitting Applications arrives.

(f) Gordon Thomson to provide the CC with a map and information about other Wind Farms in the area.

[Councillor Kerr left the meeting at this point]. 

12. CC Micro Grants.

(a) The full Report was sent to CC Members prior to the Meeting.

(b) There were 4 new Applications to the Fund:- – 2022/23 – 007: Strathaven Gardening Club – A Grant of £500 for purchase of an electric projector unit. Proposed to grant the full Award. – 2022/23 – 008: Strathaven Knitting and Crochet Ninjas – A Grant of £480 to assist payment of accommodation for meetings and to develop complex projects. Proposed to grant the full Award. – 2022/23 – 009: Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust – A Grant of £500 to assist in the provision of an internal door within the Museum on Todshill Street. Proposed to grant the full Award. – 2022/23 – 010: Strathaven Choral Society – A Grant of £450 towards a Ceilidh Dance to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Proposed to grant the full Award.

(c) All of the above Applications were Approved by the CC. This leaves £1,050 remaining in the Fund in the current year.

(d) One further Application has been received since the Micro Grant Report was circulated. The Derby and Joan Club have requested a Grant of £250. There may be one other Application in the pipeline. 

13. Secretary’s Report. Nothing to add not covered on the Agenda. 

14. Treasurer’s Report.

(a) The full Report was sent to CC Members prior to the Meeting.

(b) Since the last Meeting a Grant of £9,696 was received from VASLan for Peer Support Groups as part of the COVID Fund monies.

(c) £466 remains in the General Grant Fund. £84 to be spent on the renewal of the Website Licence, two £50 Honorariums to be given to the Secretary and the Minute Secretary and Printer Ink to be purchased from this money.

(d) The £860 due to the Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust has been paid out.

(e) Balance remaining uncommitted in the COVID Fund is £5,205.61. 

15. Reports from CC Members.

(a) The problem of fly-tipping was raised again. (G. McAllan).

(b) The Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust will be opening a new Exhibition in the Museum on Todshill Street at the end of February. (M. McDonald). 

16. Reports from SLC Councillors. No reports were given. 

17. AOCB. In Memory of the passing of Donald McKillop a Eulogy was given by G. McAllan praising his work for the CC and for the community in general. He was a well respected person within Strathaven and he will be much missed by all. A moments thought for him was held by the CC Members. 

18. Date of Next Meeting. Tuesday 28th February, 2023 at 7.00pm in the Avondale Wing.

Members of the Public are most welcome to all our Meetings. All correspondence to:-

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