Strathaven and Glassford CC News


The first round of applications was completed in December 2019 with funding awarded to a number of local groups including Restart a Heart for two defibrillators for Strathaven, Strathaven Rugby Club for training equipment and Glassford Community Group for Xmas lights for the village.

Applications for the next round of grants are now being accepted and should be submitted by February 19th 2020.  Please note this is a two stage process, with an expression of interest submitted first for review, and once approved a second stage which is a full application.  Both stages need to be completed by February 19th.

Please note that the contact at the County Durham Community Fund, the organisation to which applications are submitted, has changed.  The website will be updated as soon as a new application form is available.  This will not stop applications so please go ahead if your organisation has an eligible project.  The new contact email address is

For more information on the Kype Muir Community fund go to Kype Muir Community Fund page.


We are delighted that, through working in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council, we can announce that plans are in place to safeguard our historic castle for the future.  A meeting was held in July 2019 to discuss the plans for remedial work on the structure and we will advise accordingly once we have more information.  At present discussions are continuing with Historic Environment Scotland to agree a means of safely carrying out the required and specified work involving the construction of a suitable fence allowing access to the castle grounds for the public.  Once the remedial work is complete the Community Council, working in conjunction with SLC, will carry out a public consultation to gauge opinion on what further work should be carried out on the castle site.

Micro Grants Scheme

The new micro grants scheme is now live with grants available up to £500 to eligible groups.  Go to the page on the website for more details. Community Council Micro Grants

Traffic Management

Strathaven and Glassford Community Council is running a consultation on a proposal to change the traffic priorities at the Common Green.  Specifically the proposal is to make Bridge Street one-way leaving the Common Green and Wellbrae one-way into the Common Green.

To take part in the consultation download the survey form by clicking this link Strathaven_Traffic_Consultation-5-2. It can either be printed and returned to the Echoes office at Roasted, 41 Common Green, Strathaven or emailed to


A sub-group of the Community Council is in the process of holding meetings with representatives from South Lanarkshire Council and the three local councillors to consider options for improvements to traffic and transport within the Strathaven area.


Plans for the fund are well underway with the next steps being our second public consultation on the development of a Community Action Plan for Strathaven and Glassford.  This follows the recent initial open days and the recent extensive consultation across our community.  Survey forms were included in every copy of Strathaven Echoes and dleivered to every household in Strathaven and Glassford.  We thank you for your submissions and are currently working on development of the plan.  This is likely to be completed by early January 2019 with open days and publication by March 2019.