1. Sederunt: Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Les Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Munro Tulloch (Treasurer); John Graham (Minute Secretary); Morag Arnot; Linda Brown; Margot McDonald; Douglas Scott and Aileen Stewart. Councillors: Susan Kerr. Visitors: Tom Barbour; Donald Cooper; Craig Cunningham and Robert Murray. 

2. Apologies: Dr. Lisa Cameron MP; Councillor Margaret Cooper; Councillor Elise Frame; Jacqui Laing and Mairi McAllan MSP. 

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting (25/10/22). The Minutes were approved with the following change:- The name of Councillor S. Kerr added to the list of Apologies. Proposed: M. McDonald. Seconded: G. McAllan. 

4. Police Report. (a) No Report was received prior to the CC Meeting. (b) The Chairperson to write to Police Scotland requesting that a representative attend the January CC Meeting. 

5. Community Action Plan Review. CCTV. (a) L. Hoggan to document the views of the CC to the concerns raised to the Project and send them to SLC. (b) Discussion to be held with Strathaven Business Association as to the way forward. 

6. Patient Participation Group (PPG). – Craig Cunningham. Craig Cunningham was invited to attend the CC Meeting to inform CC Members about PPGs.

(a) He said that he was responsible for Primary Care in NHS Lanarkshire which included GP Services.

(b) There are issues with GP Practices across the country due to there being fewer GPs, an older population, COVID problems, screening being paused, planned operations being cancelled and longer waits for some procedures. All of this meant that patients were visiting GPs more often.

(c) There are 98 Practices in Lanarkshire and all work differently. There are four ways in which they work – On-Line System, Phone between eight thirty and ten in the morning, Phone for an Appointment (This could be up to two weeks later) and Care Navigation.

(d) Patients don’t always need to see a GP, other options are available. These include Nurse, NHS Inform On-Line, Minor Ailments in Pharmacies, Lanarkshire Eye Service and Nurse Practitioners.

(e) There are two PPGs in Lanarkshire, Biggar and Lanark, and they aim to improve communication within the Practices.

(f) He was asked if the system mitigated against full time working as many of those trained opted to go abroad. In reply he said that there were more women GPs now who wanted flexible working and young Doctors did not want to run a GP Practice as a business. He did not feel that having a PPG would help the situation. The Health and Social Care Partnership can help Practices with communication.

(g) CC Members decided to see if any interest in having a PPG came from a Public Consultation before progressing the matter.

(h) The Chairperson thanked Craig Cunningham for his presentation. Craig Cunningham left the Meeting at this point. 

7. Standing Items.

(a) Clydesdale Tourism Group. A meeting of the Group will be arranged soon.

(b) Strathaven Castle. The erection of a fence is now at Planning.

(c) Transport Sub-Group. The sight lines have been improved at the junction of North Street and Commercial Road and the Consultation on the one-way system for Bridge Street and Wellbrae is ongoing.

(d) Strathaven Post Office. 1. The Consultation regarding the moving of the current Post Office to a different site is ongoing. Dr. Lisa Cameron and L. Hoggan were in talks with Post Office Management on Friday 25th November, 2022 about this. 2. The closure of the current Post Office from Friday 2nd December has nothing to do with the Consultation. 3. The CC Members feel that the proposal to move the Post Office would be detrimental to the community and that some way needs to be found to retain Post Office Services in the town centre. 4. A meeting to take place on Monday 5th December at 4.30pm in the Climate Action Strathaven (CAS) premises. The meeting to be with CC Members, CAS and a representative of the landlords. 

8. Planning Applications.

(a) There were no issues concerning Applications for the CC area since the October Meeting.

(b) A question was raised regarding the extension to the East Kilbride Sub Station and if it would have implications regarding wind turbine expansion in the CC area. L. Hoggan to contact Scottish Power about this. 

9. Working Together for Avondale (WTA).

(a) Four more Peer Group Support Sessions will be held from January, 2023.

(b) Fifty new £10 Vouchers have been purchased from Aldi.

(c) Loaves and Fishes are now working along with the Food Bank.

(d) Demand for Energy Vouchers is growing.

(e) People with pre-payment meters can qualify for three £48 grants per year from the Fuel Bank Foundation.

(f) It was asked if the Evangelical Church could accept cash as well as food donations. While it can, it is easier for them to accept food donations. This can be done on Thursdays at lunch time at the Church. 

10. Strathaven CARS.

(a) Although the Project has ended, meetings still take place in the Strathaven Hotel.

(b) Work on the Barbers Shop has been completed and work is ongoing at The Weavers.

(c) A Heritage Photography Project at Strathaven Academy will go ahead in 2023. 

11. Kype Muir Community Fund.

(a) A lengthy account of Connect2Renewables funding dispersal was given at the Kype Muir Meeting. Some disquiet was raised regarding the funding handout. Entrants to Colleges and Universities and Modern Apprenticeships can be given up to £500 each.

(b) The Kype Muir Extension will end December/January.

(c) Training to be given on SLC Grant Vision with a view to coming together with the REF.

(d) The CC had £128,008 and has funded groups continually, leaving £20,301.91 in the Fund. The CC has spent more than any other CC in the area. (

e) The Kype Muir Meeting on the 9th January, 2023 will discuss funding arrangements after three and a half years of the Fund.

(f) M. McDonald to forward a copy of the full cash account awarded to CC Members. 

(g) CC Members to E-Mail either M. McDonald or A. McMann with ideas for a fairer distribution of Funding. 

12. CC Micro Grants.

(a) There have been no new Applications since the October CC meeting but there are three Applications pending.

(b) There is still £2,980 remaining in the Fund.

(c) During the past month three further Micro Grants have been signed off:- 2021/22 – 009 Strathaven Miniature Railway (£300). 2021/22 – 003 Strathaven Round 50 (£500). 2021/22 – 012 Avondale Community Playgroup (£400).

(d) All projects prior over six months old have recently been contacted to request the follow up paperwork.

(e) The full Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the meeting. 

13. Secretary’s Report. Nothing to report not covered on the Agenda. 

14. Treasurer’s Report.

(a) Since the last CC meeting a payment from the Town Centre Fund of £1,500 to Creative Strathaven has been refunded by SLC.

(b) Payment of £33.20 for the Remembrance Day Wreath made to Colin Dempster.

(c) There is still £466 in the General Grant Fund for the current year. Ideas are required for any appropriate purchases which may be required.

(d) The only activity with the COVID Fund in the last month has been the purchase of Aldi Vouchers for distribution by the Food Bank (£500). There is still £5,340.61 remaining uncommitted in the Fund.

(e) The full Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the meeting. 

15. Reports from CC Members.

(a) The fly-tipping reported at the October meeting has not been removed. (G. McAllan).

(b) Investment in East Kilbride was discussed at the Cycling Partnership but no mention of investment in Strathaven. (G. McAllan).

(c) The Inaugural Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust Exhibition is now open. It is open Thursday – Saturday from 10.00am to 4.00pm and Sunday from 1.30pm – 4.30pm until 18th December. (G. McAllan).

(d) Reindeer Day will take place on Sunday 11th December. (L. Hoggan).

(e) The Festival Committee has been collecting recently. Who are they collecting for and who runs it? (M. Arnot). An attempt to be made to ascertain this information.

(f) The Chairperson asked if the Town Group had been disbanded and, if so, could the setting up of a Town Forum, run by the CC, be considered. 

16. Reports from SLC Councillors. Councillor S. Kerr.

(a) She was unable to attend a briefing on GP Practices but she has a copy of the Slide Presentation which she can send to CC Members.

(b) The Road Safety Forum is carrying out a Road Assessment in South Lanarkshire using criteria for the setting up of 20mph speed limits. The Assessment to finish in Spring 2023. Councillor Kerr to send information to L. Hoggan. 

17. AOCB. Discussion on a new Cemetery for Strathaven to be held over until the January CC meeting. 

18. Date of Next Meeting. Tuesday 31st January, 2023 at 7.00pm in the Avondale Wing.

Members of the Public are most welcome to all our Meetings. All correspondence to:- 

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