Sederunt: Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Les Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Munro Tulloch (Treasurer); Morag Arnot; Linda Brown; Alister Hendry; Margot McDonald; Douglas Scott and Aileen Stewart. Councillors: M. Cooper and I. Dorman. Minute Secretary: John Graham. Visitors: Al Brown; Dr. Lisa Cameron MP; Ian Kelly; Philip McDonald (SF&RS) and Robert Murray. 

Apologies: Councillor G. Campbell. 

Minutes of Previous Meeting (25/01/2022) The Minutes were approved without change. Proposed: D. Scott. Seconded: S. Tulloch. 

Police Report The Crime Figures from 21st January to 21st February, 2022 were:- 3 Vandalism (1 detected). 4 Assault (1 detected). 2 Breach of the Peace (2 detected). 3 Thefts. 2 Fraud. 2 Suspect persons. 4 Road Traffic offences (1 detected). 1 Communications Act. 

Strathaven Fire Station (Philip McDonald) (a) P. McDonald is the Station Commander at Strathaven Fire Station. (b) He attended the meeting to promote the work of the Fire Service and to highlight the need for recruits at the Fire Station. (c) He wishes to liaise with the CC on Health and Safety issues and to engage with the community. He is willing to send Reports to the CC. (d) At present the Station is short of the optimum number of 12 recruits. The posts are part time and recruits should be 18 years of age, live and work within 8 minutes of the Station and have an employer who is willing to release them when they are called to an incident. Training will be given. He agreed to send a copy of the job criteria to the CC. (e) CC Members stated that the presence of SF&RS was welcomed at local events such as Gala Day and the Balloon Festival. It was suggested that he could contact the Strathaven Young Farmers as a possible source of recruits. In reply, he said that he had been in contact with Strathaven Academy but not the Young Farmers. (Philip McDonald left the meeting at 7.20pm.) 

Community Action Plan (CAP) Review The review will not be ready until the middle of March, 2022 and it will be discussed at the March CC meeting. 

Mark Johnson As M. Johnson was unable to attend the meeting, this item will be included on the Agenda for the March meeting. 

Clydesdale Tourism Group Update (a) SLC has published its Draft Policy on Tourism and a consultation on this is available on-line. (b) The next meeting of the Group will be in April, 2022. 

Planning Applications (a) A detailed Report on Applications submitted to SLC since the January CC meeting was sent to Members prior to the meeting. (b) The CC have written to SLC regarding the proposed changes to the housing build close to Berebriggs Road and about the timescale for the upgrading to this Road. The CC will continue to monitor the situation. (c) Archaeological issues were raised regarding the planned Field Conveyor to transport sand and gravel from Bankhead Quarry to Snabe Quarry. The excavation work should be carried out professionally and the work stopped if anything of archaeological interest is found. The CC to send an E-Mail seeking assurances on this issue. (d) The CC considered sending the standard Letter of Complaint regarding the proposed erection of 3 wind turbines on land at Hallburn Farm, Drumclog. The sending of the Letter to be put on hold until clarification is sought to ascertain if the CC can do this as the turbines are outside their boundary area. Councillor Cooper said that a Boundary Map was available and that the CC can check the Ward 5 Map. 

Strathaven Castle Update (a) HES objected to the proposed fencing but this issue has been resolved. The Plan must go through the relevant SLC Committee before work can begin. There will be a meeting of the Committee on 29th March, 2022 and L. Hoggan will keep a watching brief on this issue. Councillor Cooper said that she would contact a Planning Manager regarding this and liaise with L. Hoggan. (b) Repair work is still required to the boardwalk around the Castle. 

Transport Sub-Group A meeting of the Group was held on the 28th January, 2022 and the following issues were discussed:- (a) Dangerous parking at Overton Road/Commercial Road junction. Residents to be contacted. (b) Shrub at North Street/Commercial Road junction to be trimmed and will be removed in the Spring. It is causing line of sight problems at the junction. (c) Will be no change to the Threestanes Road/Lethame Road junction as a pathway in The Glebe is not an option. (d) Proposed one-way system for Bridge Street and Wellbrae to go to public consultation in March/April. (e) After being inspected, it was decided that a covered cycle rack in the Taxi Rank in the Common Green Car Park would be unsafe for cyclists and pedestrians. Suggested other sites for smaller racks would be considered. (f) A report is awaited on the Traffic Light phasing at the Common Green. (g) An extension to the 20 mph speed limit is being considered. Following the Group update the following comments were made:- (h) Climate Action Strathaven (CAS) wish to be included in discussions about cycle paths. Councillor Cooper agreed to assist with this. (i) Pavements at Threestanes Road/Lethame Road need resurfacing. Councillor Cooper agreed to take this matter up with SLC. (j) It had been reported that land at The Glebe had been sold but the CC had not been informed about this. Councillor Cooper agreed to check on this for the CC. 

Working Together for Avondale Update (a) The Peer Group to be held at Creative Strathaven begins on Thursday 24th February, 2022. (b) Results from the Peer Groups held at The Epicentre have been compiled. (c) Funding from the CORRA Foundation to be spent on more vouchers and on the Food Bank. (d) There is still £5,908 available in the Fund and CC Members were asked to think of ways in which this money could be spent for the CC meeting in March. It is likely that some of this money will be kept back to cover any problems which may arise in April. 

Strathaven CARS (a) The Scheme will end in March, 2022 and a report will be produced on the conclusion of the Project. (b) Work on Sorbie Hayes and the Barber Shop to be completed and work on The Tudor and Blair’s Hairdressers is ongoing. (c) Work on the Green Room and on Roasted will not go ahead. (d) Any money not spent at the end of the Project goes back to HES.

Kype Muir Community Fund (a) There has been little activity since the last CC meeting but The Haven have requested information about the Fund. (b) CAS will host a meeting of Banks Renewables on Thursday 24th February, 2022. A. McMann and M. McDonald will attend on behalf of the CC. (c) Ideas for a funding Application for a Big Project for this area are still being sought. It is possible that the Business Association could submit an Application, once costings have been received, for the installation of CCTV in the Town Centre. (d) Next meeting is on the 22nd March, 2022. 

CC Micro Grants (a) A full Report on the Micro Grants Fund was circulated to CC Members prior to the meeting. (b) Six new Applications have been received:- – Frets Creative CIC for £500. (Grant of £262 proposed). – Strathaven Miniature Railway for £500. (Grant of £300 proposed). – Derby and Joan Club for £500. (Grant of £300 proposed). – 3rd Strathaven Rainbows for £500. (Grant of £400 proposed). – Avondale Community Playgroup for £500. (Grant of £400 proposed). – Strathaven Rugby Club for £500. (Grant of £400 proposed). If the above Grants are approved there will be no further funds available in the current Financial Year having made Grants to twelve organisations, seven of them for the first time, to the full value of £5,000. Above Applications were approved by the meeting. (c) An article to be written to go into ‘The Echoes’ showing which groups were awarded Grants. Details of the Micro Grants to go to L. Hoggan showing diversity of the groups involved. 

Secretary’s Report Nothing to add to what has previously been reported. 

Treasurer’s Report (a) The full Financial Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the meeting. (b) As previously agreed the Zoom Subscription was made on the 27th January, 2022. The sum of £119.90 previously intimated did not include VAT so the final Invoice received was for £143.88. The agreed payment of £119.00 was made to WordPress. (c) Micro Grants payments were made as approved to Knitting Ninjas, Strathaven After School Club and Strathaven Explorers. As discussed at the January meeting the payment of £488 will be made at the end of February due to the date of the last award. (d) A refund cheque of £5,345.94 was made to the Treasurer for payments made and the Working for Avondale spend. (e) COVID Fund – The Balance remaining uncommitted is £5,908.55. (f) There is £201 remaining in the SLC Fund. Roll-Up Banners have been costed at £192 (Including VAT) and the cost of these could come from this money. (g) There is £370.65 in the CC Administration Fund which could be spent on a Project. Some of the money could be spent to offset stationery costs for the Secretary and Treasurer. 

Reports from CC Members (a) Plans are being made on the basis that the Balloon Festival will go ahead this year. (L. Hoggan) (b) Avondale Local Radio Station will launch on the 14th March. (L. Hoggan) (c) Discussions have taken place regarding the Electric Car Chargers in the Car Park at the top of the Park. SLC control the site and the Charge Points could be switched off for a couple of days to allow the site to be safely used. This would be acceptable to users of the Chargers but an extended period when they were not available would not be acceptable. (D. Scott) (d) It was reported that Fly Tippers were now throwing bags of rubbish into local fields. (G. McAllan) (e) The Strathaven App should be finalised soon. (G. McAllan) 

Reports from SLC Councillors Councillor

M. Cooper (a) She has been pursuing the problem of flooding in the Car Park where the Charging Points are located. A monthly drain clean to be carried out in an effort to resolve the problem. (b) SLC is considering introducing charges for the use of their Electric Car Chargers. A Paper to be brought to the Council. (c) Kevin Noon is planning to hold an ECO Music Festival on his land in Strathaven. (d) Strathaven Rugby Club is looking at ways of becoming carbon neutral. (e) She is working with the Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust to assist with their efforts to find funding for premises. (f) Discussions are still ongoing regarding a new Cemetery for Strathaven. (g) Funding is being sought to upgrade the Whiteshawgate Road. (h) She has been involved in Budget negotiations regarding the SLC Budget for 2022 – 2023. The meeting to finalise the Budget will be held on the 23rd February, 2022. (i) She has been dealing with constituency issues regarding flooding, pot holes and Care Services. (j) Round Strathaven 50 would like to see a Mountain Bike Trail in Strathaven. (k) The Community Service Awards Ceremony will take place on the 25th February on a face to face basis for the first time in two years. 

Councillor I. Dorman (a) There will be an ECO Festival in Stonehouse in St. Ninian’s Church in May. (b) She has reported blocked drains in Lethame Road. (c) She has been dealing with various constituency issues. 

AOCB (a) Land beside the Town Mill which used to be an orchard has been sold. (b) The March meeting of the CC could take place on a face to face basis if a suitable venue can be found. It could also be held on both Zoom and face to face should some Members prefer to join the meeting on-line. L. Hoggan to check regarding booking a venue. Councillor Cooper said that she would check if the Avondale Wing would be open at night during March and liaise with L. Hoggan. 

Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 29th March, 2022 at 7.00pm. Meeting will be either Face to Face or via Zoom. 

Members of the Public are most welcome to all our Meetings. All correspondence to:-

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