Strathaven and Glassford Community Council

Minutes of meeting March 28th 2023

Avondale Community Wing

1. Sederunt: Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Les Hoggan (Secretary); John Graham (Minute Secretary); Morag Arnot; Linda Brown; Margot McDonald; Douglas Scott and Aileen Stewart. Visitors: Robert Murray.

2. Apologies: Dr. Lisa Cameron MP; Councillor M. Cooper; Councillor E. Frame; Councillor S. Kerr; Jacqui Laing; Mairi McAllan MSP and Sheila Munro Tulloch. 

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting (28/02/2023). The Minutes were Approved without change. Proposed: L. Hoggan. Seconded: D. Scott. 

4. Police Report. (a) No Report was received. (b) The fact that two teenagers had been hit by cars in separate incidents was noted and Police Scotland to be contacted regarding these incidents. (c) It was reported that the 20mph signs were not flashing on some roads in the town. L. Hoggan to send an E-Mail to SLC regarding this. 

5. Standing Items.

(a) Strathaven Castle: The Tenders have gone out for the work which has to be carried out. It is expected that the work will begin in May, 2023.

(b) Clydesdale Tourism Group: Nothing to report.

(c) Transport Sub-Group: There has been no meeting of the Group but nothing has been done about previous complaints from the CC.

(d) The new Post Office will open on 4th April, 2023 at the Gulf Petrol Station on Hamilton Road. The CC feel that this is not a satisfactory solution and will continue to work with all parties concerned to see if a different outcome can be achieved. It was suggested that the Community Bus could schedule in times when it could transport people to the site on Hamilton Road. L. Hoggan to find out if this would be possible. Lisa Cameron MP is continuing to challenge the move with the issue to be raised in Westminster. L. Hoggan to E-Mail SLC on behalf of the CC regarding confirmation of the need for a change of use given the increase in traffic on Hamilton Road and to check whether the original application made mention of a Post Office.

6. Planning Applications. There were no concerns regarding the March Applications. 

7. Funding Opportunities. Social Inclusion and Isolation Fund: Maximum that can be applied for is £72,000 over three years, starting from August, 2023. Expressions of Interest to be submitted  this week and L. Hoggan to put together this, based on discussions at the Meeting, and submit it on behalf of the CC. Discussions have taken place with Connect2Renewables with a view to joint working and it is also an option to apply for Community Funding for laptops and tablets to support the initiative meaning it could start earlier than August, 2023. 

8. Working Together for Avondale (WTA).

(a) The third Peer Support Group is now under way. Anyone over 16 can attend the Sessions and people can self-refer to join the Group. A fourth Peer Support Group will start in the spring through Creative Strathaven.

(b) The Strathaven Hotel has donated duvets to WTA and the Strathaven Food Bank. The Food Bank works closely with Loaves and Fishes and the duvets will be transported to a warehouse in East Kilbride for onward distribution to families in need.

(c) Avondale Radio has been working with ‘Roasted’ and Loaves and Fishes to produce a set of videos promoting effective use of food parcels. 

9. Strathaven CARS.

(a) This Project has now finished and a final audit will be produced soon. This item will now be removed from the CC Agenda.

(b) Discussions have taken place with Strathaven Academy regarding the 2nd Heritage Photography Competition. 

10. Kype Muir Fund.

(a) The Bridge Club applied for £3,000 for a Card Dealing Machine. The Application has been referred to allow other local CCs to assist with funding this.

(b) The local Beekeeping Group would also like funding and this may also involve other local Community Councils. 

11. Micro Grants Report.

(a) The full Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the Meeting.

(b) As agreed at the CC Meeting on 28th February, 2023, payments have been made to the new Applications and all funds for 2022/23 have been allocated at this time. Thirteen Grants were awarded in this Financial Year.

(c) During the past month five further Micro Grants have been signed off. All Projects over six months old have been contacted to request the follow up paperwork. 

12. Secretary’s Report. Nothing to report not covered on the Agenda. 

13. Treasurer’s Report.

(a) The full Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the Meeting.

(b) As agreed at the CC Meeting on 28th February, 2023, the following payments have been made during the month – £144 to 360 Graphics for CC Banners to be used at events.

(c) Due to a coding error by SLC the CC received a payment of £53,710 in error. After investigation this sum has been returned to SLC.

(d) COVID Fund – Current figures are as follows:- Value of COVID Fund £61,892.00 Total Spend to Date £53,298.39 Committed/Estimated Spend £ 3,388.00 Total Estimated Spend £56,686.39 Balance Uncommitted £ 5,205.61 

14. Reports from CC Members.

(a) Balloon Festival planning is going well. Buses and Parking sites have been identified for the Event on the 26th and 27th August, 2023. However, some sponsorship is still required. (L. Hoggan).

(b) There is still a problem with fly-tipping not being cleared up by SLC in spite of the exact locations being notified to them. (G. McAllan). (c) The Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust (SJHMT) Exhibition is now open and has got off to a good start. The Display is well organised and laid out. Thanks were expressed to Russell Preservation for giving their time, free of charge, to help renovate the Museum building. (G. McAllan).

(d) The SJHMT are to hold a Quiz Night on the 21st April, 2023 at the Golf Club. (M. McDonald).

(e) The new flats on Kirk Street have been offered to prospective tenants. The flats are due to be occupied sometime in August, 2023.

(f) Berebriggs Road has now re-opened. (A. Stewart).

(g) South Lanarkshire is to become an Age Friendly Community. (J. Graham).

(h) It was asked if it was known when Boots, the Chemist on Green Street would re-open. This is not known at present. It was suggested that, should it not do so, an independent Pharmacist could be required for the town. Securing this would be difficult due to NHS rules. (L. Brown).

15. Reports from SLC Councillors. No Councillors attended the Meeting. 

16. AOCB. A. McMann to attend the East Kilbride Health and Social Care Forum on behalf of the CC. 

17. Date of Next Meeting. Tuesday 25th April, 2023 at 7.00pm in the Avondale Wing. 

Members of the Public are most welcome to all our Meetings. All correspondence to:- 

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