Strathaven and Glassford Community Council Meeting

February 28th 2023 at Avondale Community Wing

1. Sederunt: Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Les Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Munro Tulloch (Treasurer); John Graham (Minute Secretary); Morag Arnot; Linda Brown; Margot McDonald and Douglas Scott. Visitors: Jan Dawson; Kate Defazio; Dylan Hampshire; June McKenzie and Robert Murray.

2. Apologies: Dr. Lisa Cameron MP; Councillor M. Cooper; Colin Drysdale (Police); Councillor E. Frame; Councillor S. Kerr; Jacqui Laing; Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Mairi McAllan MSP; Andy McIntyre (Police) and Aileen Stewart.

3. Minutes of Previous Minutes (31/01/2023). The Minutes were Approved without change. Proposed: M. McDonald. Seconded: L. Brown. 

4. Police Report.

(a) The Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the Meeting.

(b) Crime Figures from 29th January, 2023 to 28th February, 2023 were as follows:- 6 Road Traffic Offences. 1 Vandalism (Detected). 8 Anti-Social Behaviour (4 Detected). 2 Fraud Offences. 4. Theft. 2 Dangerous Dog Offences (1 Detected). 2 Communication Act Offences. 1 Bail Offence.

(c) The Chairperson said that reports about dog offences had been noted and the Police had been contacted to check on possible dog fighting in the area.

(d) Reports of a break-in at George Allan Place and suspicious activity in that and in an other area have been noted. There have also been reports of someone parking overnight in their car in the Car Park in the Kirklandpark area. 

5. Community Action Plan Update. CCTV – There are still queries from SLC about how the scheme will be run and managed and a rethink may be needed regarding a funding source. 

6. Standing Items.

(a) Clydesdale Tourism Group – Nothing to report.

(b) Strathaven Castle – Representatives from the Friends of Strathaven Castle told the CC that the Group had been formed as the community did not know what was happening with the Castle. L. Hoggan had supplied the Group with a full update prior to the Meeting and said that the CC were happy to work with them on this issue. The CC are meeting with SLC on 10th March, 2023 about the Castle and will update the Group on this meeting. R. Murray said that Lisa Cameron MP has also been discussing this issue with SLC and HES. [D. Hampshire and J. Dawson left the Meeting at 7.30pm.]

(c) Transport Sub-Group – Nothing to report.

(d) Strathaven Post Office – Progress has been made regarding funding and Creative Strathaven have agreed to oversee the Project. No progress has been made regarding finding a Post Master/Mistress and Post Office Management have been asked to appoint someone to this position. 

7. Planning Applications. No Applications listed during February caused any concern to the CC. 

8. Funding Applications. Nothing new to report.

9. Working Together for Avondale. (a) Peer Groups are ongoing and two have been paid for.

(b) The Top-Up Fund to get more money if possible.

10. Strathaven CARS. The meeting to close the Project to take place on the week beginning 5th March. 

11. Kype Muir Fund.

(a) The way forward for the Fund was discussed at the recent meeting. It is proposed a set fund will be given to each CC area and the remainder will go in to a Central Fund. The CC will be asked to approve any planned changes.

(b) Applications will still go to the larger group for approval.

(c) The CC and other area applicants could consider planning a large project which would be ready to submit when Applications open.

(d) Funding is being pulled from Connect2Renewables next year and this will go back into the pot.

(e) How the REF operates was discussed and requests from this area will now be shown to the CC.

(f) It was agreed that discussions with Banks Renewables should continue and decisions to be brought back to the CC. 

12. CC Micro Grants.

(a) The full Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the Meeting.

(b) Since the CC Meeting in November, 2022, three new Applications have been received for consideration:- – 2022 /23 – 011: Strathaven Darby and Joan – Requested a Grant of £250 to help fund their Annual Outing to Oban in the summer. Proposed that a Grant of £250 be awarded. – 2022/23 – 012: Frets Creative – Requested a Grant of £500 towards the purchase of a portable PA System for use at events across Avondale. Proposed that a Grant of £400 be awarded. – 2022/23 – 013: Strathaven Miniature Railway – Requested a Grant of £500 to renew a number of tools vital to the maintenance of the steam engines. Proposed that a Grant of £400 be awarded.

(c) The above Grants were approved and this completes the allocation of the Fund for the current financial year.

(d) Outstanding Grants: During the past month one further Micro Grant has been signed off:- 2022/23 – 007: Strathaven Gardening Club.

(e) At present outstanding paperwork is still required for the following:- 2020/21 – 009: Strathaven Business Association (£500). 2021/22 – 013: Strathaven Rugby Club (£400). 2022/23 – 001: Strathaven Memory Club (£500). 2022/23 – 003: Strathaven Girls Dynamos (£500). 2022/23 – 004: Trinty Church Guild (£200). 2022/23 – 006: Strathaven Balloon Festival (£500). 2022/23 – 008: Strathaven Knitting and Crochet Ninjas (£480). 2022/23 – 009: Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust (£500). 2022/23 – 010: Strathaven Choral Society (£450).

(f) All Projects over 6 months old have recently been contacted to request the follow-up paperwork. 

13. Secretary’s Report. Sheltered Housing in Park Crescent: A resident attended the Meeting to ask if the CC could assist in helping the residents find a way to set up social events. They would also like to find some communication support as few of the residents are comfortable using I.T. equipment. The warden is in attendance from 8.00am until 3.30pm and little takes place after this time. It was suggested that they set up a Resident’s Committee and ask the warden to arrange a meeting with SLC to discuss the situation. 

14. Treasurer’s Report.

(a) The full Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the Meeting.

(b) As agreed at the Meeting of 31st January, 2023, the following payments have been made during the month. Two honorarium payments of £50, purchase of Printer Ink for £54.79 and payment of Micro Grants to the value of £2,436.00 was made to the Outreach Church for the Peer Support meetings. (

c) £193.01 remains in the CC Fund and it was agreed to purchase Outdoor Banners at an estimated cost of around £140.

(d) COVID Fund:- Value of Fund = £61,892.00 Spend to Date = £50,862.39 Currently Committed/Estimated Spend = £ 5,824.00 Total Estimated Spend = £56,686.39 Balance Uncommitted = £ 5,205.61 

15. Reports from CC Members.

(a) The SJHMT will open their new Exhibition on the History of the Buildings in the Common Green in March. (M. McDonald).

(b) The Health and Social Care Forum (E.K.) has begun meeting again and it was asked if the CC should consider joining this Group. The Chairperson agreed to go along to the next meeting of the Group in April. (J. Graham).

(c) The white lines in the Common Green and at Overton Road and Ashkirk Road were meant to be redone last year. This has not yet been carried out. (L. Brown). The following response was received from Councillor Cooper after the Meeting:- (White Lining of the Common Green, Car Parks and Junctions. SLC agreed to refresh all lining around the town centre some time ago and still intend to do this. However, please note that this will require 5 days of clear, dry and not frosty weather other wise the process will fail. The rubberised material used for the white lines needs a reasonable time to solidify and it does not work in inclement weather. The job will be done when the forecast is more positive probably in the spring).

(d) Can the dates of the CC Meetings be put on the CC Noticeboard? It was agreed that this could be done. (S. Tulloch).

16. Reports from SLC Councillors. No Councillors were at the Meeting. 

17. AOCB.

(a) The Transport Sub-Group to take up some of the points from a recent Survey on traffic on Glasgow Road.

(b) It was asked if there was a list of where the defibrillators were located in the town. In reply, it was said that a document showing this would be available soon. It was commented that training in their use would be useful.

18. Date of Next Meeting. Tuesday 28th March, 2023 at 7.00pm in the Avondale Wing.

Members of the Public are most welcome to all our Meetings. All correspondence to:- 

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