Community Council Minutes May 31st 2022


1. Sederunt: Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Les Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Munro Tulloch (Treasurer); Morag Arnot; Linda Brown; Alister Hendry; Margot McDonald; Douglas Scott and Aileen Stewart. Councillors: M. Cooper and S. Kerr. Minute Secretary: John Graham. Visitor: Robert Murray.

2. Apologies: Councillor E. Frame.

3. Welcome The Chairperson welcomed Councillor Kerr to her first CC Meeting and congratulated Councillor Cooper on becoming Provost of South Lanarkshire.

4. Minutes of Previous Meeting (26/04/2022) The Minutes were approved without change. Proposed: L. Hoggan. Seconded: D. Scott.

5. Police Report The crime figures from 26th April to 30th May, 2022 were as follows:- 8 Thefts (1 detected). 3 Assaults (1 detected). 1 Serious Assault (detected). 2 ASBO (2 detected). 8 Frauds (1 detected). 5 Road Traffic Offences (1 detected). 1 Drug Offence (detected). 4 Vandalism (1 detected). 1 Wilful Fire Raising. 1 Dangerous Dog. CC Members wishing to raise any issues with the Police to contact the Chairperson and she will pass these on to them.

6. Community Action Plan Review (CAP) CCTV Update (a) The Funding Request to the REF has been moved to an Application. A Community Council constituted under section 52 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 as amended. (b) The installation of the system is expected to be done by the Autumn. (c) Eight businesses have been identified to host the CCTV cameras and all are supportive of the plan.

7. Standing Items (a) Clydesdale Tourism Group – The next meeting is scheduled for June 2022. (b) Strathaven Castle – The Application for Historic Building Consent has been submitted. (c) Transport Sub-Group – SLC are dealing with one objection containing 8 areas of concern regarding the proposed One Way System around Bridge Street and Wellbrae. The objector wishes to continue with the objection and the issue may go to a Committee Hearing.

8. Planning Applications No problems have arisen with any of the Applications submitted since the April CC Meeting.

9. Working Together for Avondale (WTA) (a) It was decided to hold money back to see how the Cost of Living situation played out in the coming months. The funds will be used for the Food Bank and the Community Fridge in the Climate Action Strathaven (CAS) premises. (b) An Application for £3,000 has been submitted to the Spirit of Lanarkshire Fund. (c) The Peer Support Groups are ending but they may restart if funding can be found. (d) In reply to a query asking if there was a Hygiene Bank in Strathaven, the CC Members were informed that there was one in the CAS premises accessed through the Food Bank. A map is also available showing the location of all Hygiene Banks. (e) The question was raised about the support for the Food Bank and if all who required it were being reached. It was stated that the work was all done by volunteers and they provide support to all who come forward. Word of mouth is the main way in which people find out about the service but the Sandford Giving Tree and Ann Davidson also pass on information to WTA. (f) A post of Community Worker would be beneficial to aid the promotion of the services available and applications for such a post will go out as soon as funding can be found. The Community Worker would be employed through a local organisation. A Job Remit has been drawn up and L. Hoggan to share it with CC Members. (g) Around 15 – 20 Food Packs are given out each week and the Food Shelf in CAS is also being used. A Community Council constituted under section 52 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 as amended.

10. Strathaven CARS (a) Scaffolding has been erected at the Barber Shop, work on The Weaver’s to be carried out and some snagging work has to be completed at Sorbie Hayes. (b) A Heritage Photography Competition is being run with Strathaven Academy. (c) All work will be completed by September, 2022.

11. Kype Muir Community Fund (a) There are two Co-Chairpersons – Ailsa Lorimer and Chris Castles. Aileen McMann is the Deputy Chairperson. (b) The CC has £48,000 available from the Fund with more money to come in May. (c) Comments as to how money is accessed and spent in the future is being looked at in Durham. The CC will be consulted before any final decision is made. (d) The next meeting will be held in Strathaven Golf Club in June, 2022. (e) Margaret Vaughan is leaving her post and she will be replaced by Naomi Steven. (f) The Wind Turbines for the extension to the Wind Farm will begin to come through Strathaven from the middle of June, 2022. (g) An Application for funding has been received from The Haven but this should have gone to Sandford CC. (h) Glassford have been awarded funding towards their Gala Day.

12. CC Micro Grants (a) The £5,000 money for this year has been received. (b) Two new Applications have been received for consideration:- 001 – Strathaven Memory Club have requested £500 to purchase items which will stimulate memories and pay for speakers. Proposed that Grant of £500 be awarded to the group. 002 – Gallowhill Residents Jubilee Party. A request has been made on behalf of 22 elderly residents at Gallowhill Cottages who are planning a Jubilee celebration on the 5th June, 2022. Proposed that a Grant of £220 be awarded towards this event. The CC approved the awarding of both Grants. (c) The following outstanding Grants have been signed off:- 2021/22 – 009 Miniature Railway. 2021/22 – 010 Derby and Joan Club. 2019/20 – 014 Bethany Group. (d) The full Report was sent to CC Members prior to the meeting. A Community Council constituted under section 52 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 as amended.

13. Secretary’s Report Nothing to report which was not covered on the Agenda.

14. Treasurer’s Report (a) Following discussions with SLC a payment was made in advance to Creative Strathaven (Town Centre Fund) in respect of a reimbursement to be made to our Account of £1,797.00. (b) A payment of £30 was made to 360 Graphics for the promotional material in respect of flyers produced for the day held to promote funds to the local community. (c) Town Centre Funding of £18,024.98 was received on the 3rd May, 2022. (d) A refund payment was made to Sheila Tulloch for payments made. (360 Graphics – £30; Town Mill – £18,024.98 and Ann Davidson – £115). (e) Balance remaining uncommitted in the COVID Fund is £5,685.61. (f) The full report was sent to CC Members prior to the meeting.

15. Reports from CC Members (a) The problem of fly tipping on Hareshaw Road was raised. (G. McAllan). (b) The Car Park at the George Allan Park is used for exhibitors and crews at events and the residents will require permits to allow them to park there. (D. Scott). (c) Clarification was sought regarding SLC switching off the Electric Charging Points in the upper Car Park during events. (D. Scott). It was reported that SLC are looking into this. (d) SLC are storing sand and gravel in the upper Car park and the question was asked if it would be removed before Gala Day. It was also reported that people were helping themselves to this material. (D. Scott). Councillor Cooper agreed to look into this issue.

16. Reports from SLC Councillors

Councillor S. Kerr (a) Constituency work is being carried out. (b) She has volunteered to assist at the Community Fridge. (c) The ECO Festival in Stonehouse was attended by her. (d) SLC is now run by a Labour led working partnership Agreement with the Independent Group and the Liberal Democrat Group. (e) She will be represented on several SLC Committees. (f) There are concerns about the freeze on Local Government Funding.

Councillor M. Cooper (a) Rugby Club funding for an Eco Friendly Club House has been received. A Community Council constituted under section 52 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 as amended. (b) A lot of work is being carried out by Utility Companies in the area and this is causing some disruption. SLC have no control over when this type of work is carried out. (c) Work is being done on the garden at Kirk Street and donations of plants and offers of help would be most welcome. (d) She has been working with local clubs. (e) The Indoor Training Centre at the Rugby Club will go ahead. (f) A backdrop for the Rifleman Khan Statue is being considered. (g) The CC Noticeboard should be erected in the Common Green soon. (h) Constituency work has been going on as usual. (i) She thanked the community for their support at the recent Local Council elections. (j) The Chairperson said that work was needed on the Alison Green and she asked Councillor Cooper if this could be considered. Councillor Cooper said that new seats were planned, planters were being considered and work is to be done on the area next to Waterside Street.

17. AOCB (a) A problem regarding the payment of the final invoice for the Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust App Extension with Stand from the Town Centre Fund was brought to the attention of the CC. Councillor Cooper asked for the background information on this and agreed to take it up with SLC. (b) Aileen McMann attended the official opening of the Sakura Cherry Blossom Tree Project in Strathaven Park on behalf of the CC. (c) The Goodsburn Room in the Avondale Wing is available for the August CC meeting and L. Hoggan was asked to book the Room for this and subsequent meetings. (d) The Hamilton Road will be closed from Muttonhole Road to Low Waters Road from 20th June to 5th September. Berebriggs Road will also be closed over the summer. (e) Several problems regarding unsocial drinking, vandalism and noise disturbance have been reported within Strathaven. A. McMann to contact the Police regarding the incidents. (f) Robert Murray reported that Dr. Lisa Cameron MP was still carrying out Surveys regarding complaints in the Commercial Road area as discussed previously and SLC are doing work between now and the end of June fixing drain covers. An update will be given at the July CC meeting.

18. Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 28th June, 2022 at 7.00pm via Zoom.

Members of the Public are most welcome to all our Meetings. All correspondence to:- 

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