Minutes of meeting of Strathaven and Glassford Community Council April 26th 2022

Sederunt: Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Les Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Munro Tulloch (Treasurer); Morag Arnot; Alister Hendry; Margot McDonald; Douglas Scott and Aileen Stewart. Councillors: M. Cooper and I. Dorman. Minute Secretary: John Graham. Visitor: Robert Murray. 

Apologies: Linda Brown; Dr. Lisa Cameron MP; Councillor G. Campbell and Mairi McAllan MSP. 

Minutes of Previous Meeting (29/03/2022). The Minutes were approved without change. Proposed: L. Hoggan. Seconded: A. Stewart. 

Police Report The Report giving figures for the period 28th March to 25th April, 2022 was received prior to the meeting. The figures were as follows:- 8 Thefts (1 Detected). 1 Assault (Detected). 2 Serious Assaults (1 Detected). 1 Breach of the Peace (Detected). 1 Fraud. 1 Road Traffic Offence. 2 Breach of Bails. 2 Theft Housebreakings. 1 Theft of a Vehicle. 1 Drugs Offence. 1 Attempt to Pervert (Detected). CC Members to contact the Chairperson if they have any issues they wish raised with the Police. 

Community Action Plan (CAP) Three quotations have been sought for the installation of CCTV in the town centre. Assignment of the Funding from the REF is awaited. Councillor Cooper agreed to follow this up. The eight businesses on whose premises the cameras will be placed have still to be chosen. 

Standing Items

A. Clydesdale Tourism Group – Nothing to report since the last CC meeting.

B. Strathaven Castle – Planning Application for the work has still to be approved. Councillor Dorman said that Scheduled Monument Consent had been requested.

C. Transport Sub-Group A Meeting was held earlier in April and the following points were raised:- (a) Some objections to the proposed One-Way System at Bridge Street and Wellbrae have been received by SLC. They will discuss these with the objectors in a bid to resolve their fears. Should this fail, a Formal Review Procedure will have to take place. A Stop Sign at the Bridge Street junction of the roundabout and better road markings and signage have been suggested. (b) Cycle Racks are being considered for placement outside of ‘Glamour’ in the Common Green. SLC to consult with Climate Action Strathaven (CAS) about this. (c) Phasing of the Traffic Lights at the Common Green to be looked at. (d) L. Hoggan to write to SLC regarding the issues at Threestanes Road and Lethame Road. It was suggested that the 20mph zone be extended to cover both roads and that there could be an improvement in the No Go Zones around the schools. (e) Yellow lining will not be carried out at the Overton Road/Commercial Road junction. (f) Removal of the bush blocking sight lines at North Street/Commercial Road junction has still to be done. (g) Extending the 20mph limit to cover Commercial Road, Townhead Street and Kirk Street has been suggested. (h) The Crags Bridge road has re-opened and white lining to be changed to keep the traffic to the centre of the Bridge. (i) A Survey into speeding in Glassford found that there was a problem on Alston Street. This matter to be referred to the Police. (j) Parking restrictions for Gala Day and the Balloon Festival Weekend are being considered. 

Planning Applications One issue was noted, that of the proposed erection of 2 detached dwelling houses on land south west of Ivy Cottage, The Heads, Glassford. This raised no issues for the CC. 

Working Together for Avondale (WTA) (a) Some funding is being held to cover emergencies. (b) The Peer Groups are almost finished. (c) A COVID Mural, to be placed on the wall of the Flower Box Boutique on Green Street, is being considered. The CC will get to view the design before a final decision is made.  

Strathaven CARS (a) The Project is winding down and some issues have to be resolved at Sorbie Hayes and The Barber Shop. Work on The Weavers will be carried out. (b) Work on Blair’s and The Tudor has been completed and the defibrillator, which was on the wall of The Tudor, will be relocated to Creative Strathaven.

Kype Muir Community Fund (a) Nothing to report since the last CC meeting. The next meeting of the Group will be the AGM when Terms of Reference will be reviewed. Decisions from this important AGM will come to the CC for agreement. (b) The CC Open Day on Funding Sources attracted 6 visitors to the shop and a further 3 people were spoken to in the street. Leaflets regarding Funding Sources will be placed in shops in the town. (c) Avondale Radio looked in to the Open Day and will promote Funding Sources on their shows. An interview with some CC Members on Funding will be broadcast on Monday 2nd May and again on Thursday 5th May. The broadcast can be put on to the CC Website. 

CC Micro Grants The year end information was submitted to SLC at the end of the month. The Audit Outcome and confirmation of new funding for the current year are awaited. 

Secretary’s Report The Avondale Radio interview with the CC will be held at 2.00pm on Friday 29th April, 2022. 

Treasurer’s Report (a) Final Accounts for 2021/2022 were submitted to SLC on Thursday 31st March, 2022. Audit information and funding Award for the current year are awaited. (b) WTA money has been paid out. (c) Balance remaining uncommitted in the COVID Fund is £5,450.61. 

Reports from CC Members (a) Avondale Radio has 8,000 listeners, 25 presenters, 57 different shows and 11 sponsors. (L. Hoggan). (b) The Car Park at the top of Strathaven Park has been designated as a Park and Stride area for parents to park when taking or picking up children to and from the school in the area. (M. McDonald). (c) The question was asked if the Charging Points in the Car Park at the top of Strathaven Park would be switched off on Gala Day and for the Balloon Festival Weekend. (D. Scott). Councillor Cooper agreed to look into this matter. (e) South Lanarkshire is being considered as a possible Pilot Area to become an Age Friendly Community. (J. Graham). (f) The question of Toilet Provision was raised. (M. Arnot). It was said that nothing would be done until after the Council Elections. 

Reports from SLC Councillors

Councillor G. Campbell Prior to the meeting Councillor Campbell sent an E-Mail indicating that he would close down his Council data on the 27th April and requested that he be removed from the CC E-Mail List.

Councillor M. Cooper (a) She reported that the £275,000 REF Grant for Strathaven Rugby Club had been signed off. The Grant is towards making the Club House carbon neutral. (b) Jardine Paterson has been in discussions with SLC about building an Indoor Training Area. (c) LED lights will be installed at Strathaven Tennis Club in May. (d) A site meeting to be held to discuss a new Cemetery for Strathaven. (e) The white lining of areas in the Common Green has been agreed and as many of the junctions identified by the CC as possible will also be re-lined. (f) The problem of commercial vehicles parking in the centre of the Common Green will be considered at a later date. (g) She reported that there had been an accident on Commercial Road today. (h) She has also been dealing with Constituency work. (i) She wished Councillor Dorman all the best for the future.

Councillor I. Dorman (a) She has been dealing with Constituency work. (b) She thanked the CC for their work and support during her time as a Councillor.  

AOCB (a) A Report was read out from Dr. Lisa Cameron MP regarding the problems on Commercial Road. It read as follows:- Dr. Cameron has now put out a letter to get residents views regarding speeding, lorries overload and lorries mounting the kerbs and to date she has had few replies. Once all the replies have been collected she will re-notify SLC and Police of residents concerns and give a Report to the next CC meeting. (b) The Chair thanked Councillors Campbell and Dorman for their work over the years and wished them well for the future. 

Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 31st May at 7.00pm to be held via Zoom.

Members of the Public are most welcome to all our Meetings. All correspondence to:- strathavencommcouncil@gmail.com 

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