Strathaven and Glassford Community Council Meeting March 29th 2022

Minutes of meeting

Sederunt: Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Les Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Munro Tulloch (Treasurer); Morag Arnot; Linda Brown; Alister Hendry; Margot McDonald; Douglas Scott and Aileen Stewart. Councillors: G. Campbell; M. Cooper and I. Dorman. Minute Secretary: John Graham. Visitors: Mairi McAllan MSP and Robert Murray. 

Minutes of Previous Meeting (22/02/2022). The Minutes were approved without change. Proposed: S. Tulloch. Seconded: M. McDonald. 

Police Report. The Report covering the period from 22nd February to 27th March, 2022 was sent to CC Members prior to the Meeting. The Crime Figures were as follows:- 4 Vandalism. 2 Assault (1 detected). 9 Breach of the Peace (5 detected). 3 Theft Shoplifting (2 detected). 1 Fraud. 1 Embezzlement (detected). 4. Road Traffic offences (2 detected). 1 Communications Act. 5 Theft from properties. 1 Theft from a vehicle. The Chair asked CC Members to contact her should they have any questions for Police Scotland regarding the Report 

Community Action Plan (CAP) Review. Three quotes are required for the installation of CCTV Cameras in the Town Centre. The system will not be monitored but it will be recording 24 hours a day. A Funding Application is being considered. If the approach is favourable the system could be installed by late summer. 

Clydesdale Tourism Group. (a) Work is being carried out on a Tourist Route which will complement the Lanarkshire Larder Trail. (b) Doing something for Scotland’s Year of Stories is being considered. 

Planning Applications. (a) The Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the Meeting. (b) The Application to extend the extraction area of the existing Bankend Quarry raised concerns.The planned extension comes close to the northern end of the Kype Reservoir and could cause concerns for fishing and wildlife. There may also be a “cultural” and “environmental” impact. L. Hoggan and G. McAllan to compose a Letter regarding this to be sent to SLC. (c) Sandford and Upper Avondale CC to be contacted to see if they were considering a response with regards to the Quarry extension. 

Strathaven Castle. Planning consent for the work to be undertaken is taking some time. Councillor Cooper said that the Planning Department were behind in dealing with the Applications due to staff shortages.

Transport Sub-Group. (a) The next meeting of the Sub-Group will take place in April. A Report will be given at the next CC Meeting. (b) The following points to be raised at the Sub-Group Meeting:- 1. Traffic congestion in the Town Centre. 2. The One-Way System Consultation which closes on the 15th April, 2022. 3. Placing of bike racks in the Common Green. CAS would also like to discuss this issue with the CC. (c) It was suggested that a 20mph speed limit would be beneficial on Kirk Street. SLC are not allowed to do this under current Legislation. (d) High sided vehicles parking in the Common Green are causing problems for partially sighted people and the CC were asked if anything could be done to restrict parking for such vehicles. The Meeting was informed that bringing in such restrictions was not possible. (e) Councillor Cooper reported that she is raising the possibility of replacing the white lining in the Common Green and in the large Car Park at the rear of Scotmid with the Roads Team. She was asked if the white lining at some of the road junctions in the area could also be looked at. CC Members to let Councillor Cooper know which junctions should be considered. (f) There is 2.5 million pounds in the Capital Budget for pavement repairs and Councillor Cooper encouraged CC Members to identify priority areas prior to Local Consultations being carried out on this issue. M. Arnot agreed to collate this information and send it to Councillor Cooper. (g) It was suggested that CC Members could walk round the local area and identify which pavements were in need of resurfacing. 

Working Together for Avondale (WTA). (a) The deadline for the Corra Foundation funding is 31st March, 2022 but £484 has been put aside to help the Foodbank. (b) The four Peer Support Group sessions were well attended. (c) A mural will be put in the Town Centre as a COVID Memorial rather than a Commemorative Bench. There is already a Memorial Orchard in Strathaven Park. It was suggested that some of the art work done by local schools for the Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust (SJHMT) COVID Archive could be considered for the design of the mural. (d) Working Together for Avondale has raised £52,000 in total. 

Strathaven CARS. (a) The Project ends on the 31st March, 2022. (b) Work on Blair’s Hairdressers, The Tudor and The Barber Shop has still to be completed. (c) Work on Sorbie Hayes has been completed and work on The Weavers will go ahead. (d) A final Report will be done at the end of the Project. 

Kype Muir Community Fund. (a) £46,521 is available in the Fund for the Strathaven and Glassford areas. (b) Several requests have been made to the Fund:- Sandford Village Hall Refurbishment – £45,000. Sandford in Bloom – £7,000. Lesmahagow Community Garden – £10,000. (c) Enquiries needing further information:- Glassford (Gala). SJHMT. (d) The Kype Muir Extension is running to plan with the turbines being delivered at the end of April/early May. Dates will be published nearer the time. There will be traffic dislocation at the junction of the Darvel/ Muirkirk Roads. (e) Connect2 Renewables has ongoing problems and the money spent on it does not provide a commensurate number of recipients. While some Projects in Strathaven and Glassford have received funds from this source, M. McDonald requested that CC Members give her examples of Projects which have benefitted from this Fund. A talk on Avondale Radio was suggested as a means of promoting the Fund. (f) Some new ways of working the REF have been discussed and a proposed agreement has been reached. The substance of this will be clearer after the next meeting on the 3rd May, 2022. (g) The Kype Muir contact requires updating on the CC Website. (h) Lesmahagow High School wants a Hobbit Hut and it would be good if there could be one in Strathaven. The Parent Councils would have to make the Application for this. (i) The Report will be circulated to CC Members following the Meeting. 

CC Micro Grants. (a) The Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the Meeting. (b) Following the approval of Grants at the February CC Meeting all funds for the current year have now been issued to the successful recipients. In summary, Grants were made to 12 organisations with 7 of these being new first time recipients. (c) At present there is no information on the future of the Micro Grant Scheme for 2022/23. However, Strathaven Memory Club has already put in an Application from next year’s money. 

Secretary’s Report. Nothing to report which is not covered on the Agenda. 

Treasurer’s Report. (a) The Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the Meeting. (b) As previously agreed 2 Banners were purchased from 360 Graphics in addition to printer ink for use by the Treasurer. The sum spent this month was £197.94 which leaves a closing Balance of £4.03 in the CC Fund from SLC. (c) The value of the COVID Fund is £52,196. To date £41,944.45 has been spent and £4,308 is currently committed. The Balance remaining is £5,943.55. (d) This year £72,000 went through the books. 

Reports from CC Members. (a) Avondale Radio went live on the 14th March, 2022 and it had over 4,000 listeners in the first two weeks. Volunteers also attended the Glassford Beer and Gin Festival. (L. Hoggan). It was suggested that it considers interviewing people involved with the allotments in Sandford, Glassford and Strathaven. (b) SLC’s Property Services has been able to confirm that land at The Glebe is still in the ownership of SLC and that there are no plans to release it for sale for development. It cannot provide the CC with a copy of the Title to the land. The CC would have to try to obtain a copy from Registers of Scotland. A copy of the reply from SLC will be sent to CC Members after the Meeting. (M. McDonald). (c) The Cemetery walls are beginning to look good and the repair work is ongoing. (L. Brown). Councillor Cooper reported that, as part of the funding being spent, repairs to the roads in the Cemetery would also be done. (d) Concerns were raised regarding broken glass, dog dirt and litter in the Allison Green. The glass is a particular hazard for young children and dogs. (L. Brown). Councillor Campbell encouraged people to report all instances of this type to SLC. It was also suggested that CCTV coverage be considered for the Allison Green. 

Report from SLC Councillors. Prior to any Reports being given the Chairperson thanked Councillor Campbell for his work and help over the years and wished him all the best for the future. This sentiment was echoed by all CC Members. Councillor G Campbell. The Councillor said that Strathaven had a small group of volunteers who run most things in the town and they should be commended. During his time as a Councillor all Councillors for the area had worked together, regardless of political affiliations, for the benefit of the Constituency. He thanked the CC Members for their work and for the support given to him. He misses Strathaven and is sorry to be leaving. He wished Councillor Dorman good luck on her retirement as a Councillor and wished Councillor Cooper all the best in her effort to be re-elected. Councillor I Dorman. (a) She echoed the words of Councillor Campbell and wished him all the best for the future. (b) She was pleased to report that Viridor had withdrawn their Application to build an Incinerator at Overwood and welcomed the decision. Councillor M. Cooper. (a) Strathaven Rugby Club have applied for funding from the REF to make their Club House carbon neutral. (b) She re-iterated her work to have white lining done in the Common Green. (c) Funds left over from the Rifleman Khan Budget will be used to erect a new CC noticeboard in the Common Green. The board is on order. (d) A supply of the Rifleman Khan DVDs are now available. (e) A backdrop is being considered for the Rifleman Khan Statue. (f) Funding is in place to put a mural on the wall in the Common Green where the Poppy design was in November last year. (g) The Fair Trade Group would like to do something to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Strathaven becoming a Fair Trade town. (h) Two benches to be situated beside the Evangelical Church. (i) She is continuing to work on the fly tipping problem. (j) She is working with the SJHMT in their search for premises. (k) Councillor Cooper said that she has enjoyed working with the CC and with Councillors Campbell and Dorman. She thanked the CC for their work and wished the other two Councillors all the best in their retirement. 

AOCB. (a) Robert Murray wished Councillor Campbell and Councillor Dorman all the best on their standing down from the Council and wished Councillor Cooper success in the upcoming Local Council Elections. (b) Robert Murray reported that Dr. Lisa Cameron MP has been dealing with an ongoing problem which one constituent has been experiencing on Commercial Road with speeding and overweight lorries. She has addressed this to date with SLC who say that they will not be putting in any measures and speeding is a Police issue. The Police were contacted and have now carried out a day of Vehicle Road Speed tests and did not catch anyone speeding or overloaded. She has now sent out a Generic Survey to see how many people are experiencing this issue and on the return of the Surveys will review the situation and report the findings to the CC at the next meeting. CC Members and Councillors during discussion said that speed testing had been done previously and no issues had been found. Parking on Commercial Road makes speeding difficult and it is a perception in many cases. (c) Aileen Stewart raised the issue of the Public Toilet Scheme and asked when the CC were going to progress the Scheme? Funding is required to take the Scheme forward and the issue will be included on the Agenda for the April Meeting. (d) Alister Hendry asked if the CC could consider holding a Hustings meeting for the Local Council Elections? This could be done but it could lead to abuse being directed at candidates and the idea was rejected. (e) The Chairperson re-visited the idea of the CC holding an Open Day to highlight Grant funding information. L. Hoggan and G. McAllan to pull together ideas for circulation to CC Members. (f) Mairi McAllan MSP stated that she was delighted to have been able to join the meeting and if the CC Members wished to meet with her they should get in touch. 

Date of Next Meeting. Tuesday 26th April 2022 at 7.00pm via Zoom. 

Members of the Public are most welcome to all our Meetings. All correspondence to:- 

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