Minutes of Strathaven and Glassford Community Council meeting January 25th 2022

Sederunt: Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Les Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Munro Tulloch (Treasurer); Morag Arnot; Linda Brown; Alister Hendry; Margot McDonald; Douglas Scott and Aileen Stewart.

Councillors: I. Dorman.

Minute Secretary: John Graham.

Visitors: Robert Murray and Jacqui Thomson. 

Apologies: Dr. Lisa Cameron MP; Councillor G. Campbell and Councillor M. Cooper. 

Minutes of Previous Meeting (30/11/2021) The Minutes were approved without change. Proposed: L. Hoggan. Seconded: M. McDonald. 

Police Report The Report covering the period from 1st December, 2021 to 20th January, 2022 was sent prior to the meeting. Statistics were as follows:- Disorder/Violence 13 Dishonesty/Theft 11 Road Traffic Incidents 5 Vandalism 4 Miscellaneous 4 Wilful Fire Raising 1 The CC Members were disturbed at the number of cases of violence. Members were requested to contact the Chairperson should they have any issues which they wish to raise and they will be forwarded to the Police. 

Strathaven Fire Station The representative from Scottish Fire and Rescue was unable to attend the meeting and this item will be held over to the February meeting. 

Community Action Plan (CAP)

(a) The CAP Review is now complete and will be redrafted by the end of February, 2022.

(b) The Strathaven Business Association has agreed to assist with the installation of CCTV in the town centre. Options for funding are being looked at and costs have still to be ascertained. Areas to be covered by CCTV will be Barn Street, Green Street, Waterside Street, Townhead Street, Common Green and Bridge Street.

(c) It was asked if images of poppies could be included in the lighting planned for the Rifleman Khan Statue. In reply it was said that Councillor Cooper was in discussions with SLC with regards to this matter.  

Other Funding Sources There is a problem getting groups and organisations to apply for available funding and the CC would like to find ways of encouraging Applications. Several ideas were put forward:-

a. Have an event which the public could attend and find out what Funds were available and how to complete Application Forms. This could be held on a Saturday in April, 2022.

b. Get a person or organisation who have submitted a successful Application to talk on how this was achieved.

c. Produce a publicity Poster showing the range of organisations who have been awarded money.

d. Get some people to make a short DVD on how they applied for funding.

e. Promote the available Funds in ‘The Echoes’. It was agreed to discuss this topic further at the February meeting. 

Clydesdale Tourism Group

(a) The next meeting of the Group will be held in February, 2022.

(b) Lanarkshire Larder has launched its Food and Drink Trail and it has Strathaven as a starting point. 

Planning Applications The full Report to be sent to CC Members after the meeting. The main points were as follows:-

a. Application for 4 Roller Shutters to be put up on the front of property at 34, Common Green.

b. Application for installation of 2 Electric Vehicle Chargers and associated works.

c. Application for erection of a Distillery Building at Burnbank Farm.

d. Residential development at East Overton, Phase 5.

e. Application to extend operational life of the Kype Muir Wind Farm.

f. Demolition of existing agricultural shed at East of High Hook Farm and erection of a dwelling house and garage.

g. Report on Planning Applications to be sent to CC Members prior to future meetings. 

Strathaven Castle

(a) Planning Application is in for the erection of fencing at the Castle. Remedial work to start after the Application is approved.

(b) A local group has offered to carry out some work at the Castle but has been informed that SLC are dealing with any work at present. 

Transport Sub-Group

(a) Next meeting will be on Friday 28th January, 2022. An update will be given at the February CC meeting.

(b) A reply has been received from SLC regarding putting a shelter for bicycles at the Taxi Rank in the Common Green Car Park. It stated that the site was not suitable. A decision will have to be taken regarding an alternative site.

(c) Matters which CC Members wished to be raised at the Sub-Group meeting include – the One-Way system at Bridge Street and Wellbrae, the Lethame Road Junction and the line of sight problem at North Street. 

Working Together for Avondale (WTA)

(a) Four Peer Support Groups will begin for adults in February – 3 in the Outreach Church and one in Creative Strathaven premises. Anyone in the ML10 area is eligible to attend. £9,696 has been awarded from the Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund towards this.

(b) The Strathaven Foodbank identified 14 families to receive food parcels between Christmas and the New Year. The parcels included everything needed for a three course meal based on locally created recipes. The food parcels also include £25 Vouchers for Ann Davidson Butchers and WTA have also purchased a number of Aldi Vouchers for distribution. The funding comes from a £2,500 Grant from the Corra Foundation and it will allow the scheme to run until April, 2022. 

Strathaven CARS

(a) The Scheme will be coming to an end soon and no further Applications are being sought.

(b) Projects involving The Barber’s Shop, Sorbie Hayes and Blair’s are going ahead.

(c) Discussions are ongoing with The Weavers and The Green Room.

(d) The problem with clearing payment for work done on The Taal roof has come to a conclusion. HES and SLC stated that payment to The Taal for the work done could not be made.

(e) A Report on the CARS Scheme will be written at the end of the Project. 

(f) A further update will be given at the CC meeting in February. 

Kype Muir Community Fund

(a) A Report to be submitted to the Kype Muir meeting on 28th January, 2022 was circulated to CC Members prior to the meeting.

(b) One Application for funding to replace a defibrillator, which has gone missing from outside the Tudor Tearoom, has been received. The Fund wanted a guarantee of security for this Application. CC Members were informed that the Strathaven Business Association would be taking over the management of the defibrillators in Strathaven.

(c) There is still money in the Strathaven Account and it would be good if an Application for funding for a larger Project could be submitted. Members were asked to think of ideas for a Project which might meet the criteria for such an Application. With agreement, money can be rolled over to another year.

(d) The Kype Muir Extension is running to time and this will generate more funding.

(e) Discussions about the REF and Connect2Renewables are ongoing.

(f) The CC Website needs updating regarding the REF and Connect2. M. McDonald to send suggested changes to L. Hoggan.

(g) A suggestion was put forward asking if the Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust could get money for premises from the Fund. In reply, it was said that the Trust were looking for premises and that a Lease on a smaller site was being considered. 

Community Council Micro Grants

(a) The Report was sent to CC Members prior to the meeting.

(b) There is £2,062 remaining in the Fund and 3 or 4 further Applications would be welcomed. It was suggested that the Derby and Joan Club and Strathaven Rugby Club might be in a position to submit Applications.

(c) Groups receiving money in February or March, 2022 would not be eligible to apply again in 2022 – 2023.

(d) The Town Mill applied for funding on 16th February, 2022 but won’t be eligible to get the money until March, 2022.

(e) The following Applications within the Micro Grants Report were approved by the Members:- Strathaven Explorers £450 Strathaven After School Club £500 Strathaven Town Mill £488 Knitting Ninjas £500

(f) As many groups may not know about the Fund, it was agreed that a pro-active approach be taken to publicise it. 

Secretary’s Report There was nothing to add to what had already been reported to the meeting. 

Treasurer’s Report

(a) The Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the meeting.

(b) There have been no transactions in the last two months for the main SLC Account. As previously agreed the CC are due to pay £119.90 for the annual Zoom Subscription on 27th January, 2022. From the current £464.85 this will leave a Balance of £344.95 in the main Account. No suggestions in respect of this Account have been received from CC Members.

(c) The £120 payment for hosting the Website has been approved and two Honorariums of £50 can be given. (

d) It was suggested that a CC Banner could be produced and that L. Hoggan get costings for this and for frames which could be hung up to protect the Banner. (

e) COVID Fund – Since the end of November there have been payments of £4,503.06 made as part of the WTA Account. Funds received in December include £2,500 from the Corra Foundation and £9,696 from VASLan. The Balance remaining in the Fund is £6,208.55. 

Reports from CC Members

(a) The CAT of Glassford Community Hall has been agreed and the transfer should be completed by the end of March, 2022. (L. Hoggan).

(b) Avondale Radio – It is hoped to launch the Station by the end of February, 2022 and it will be available via laptops, PCs and Smartphones. A User’s Guide will be available. Funding has been sought through the REF to purchase Outside Broadcast Equipment. (L. Hoggan).

(c) An Application for funding to extend the Christmas Lights in the town will be made. (L. Hoggan).

(d) The Christmas Lights in the Common Green were stunning but would it be possible to purchase lights for the Tree as they were disappointing? (L. Brown). In reply, it was said that SLC were responsible for the Christmas Tree lights.

(e) The CC were urged to monitor any developments regarding the fate of the Ballgreen Hall Complex. (M. McDonald).

(f) The Showman’s Guild has been in touch regarding bringing the Fun Fair to the town. The placing of EV Charging Points on the site used raise Health and Safety issues. The Licensing Department may not know about these Charging Points and a meeting with SLC should be arranged to discuss Leasing arrangements for the site. (D. Scott). It was agreed that Councillor Cooper arrange a meeting with the Parks Department and then an on site visit with the CC. L.Hoggan and D. Scott to attend on behalf of the CC. 

(g) The question about when the CC could return to face to face meetings was raised. (L. Brown). This was being considered but a larger room would be required in which to hold the meetings.

(h) Would all of the usual events in the town go ahead this year? (L. Brown). It is hoped that the events will take place and planning for them all is well underway.

Reports from SLC Councillors Councillor I. Dorman

(a) Referring to Section 18(f) above, the Councillor said that the Licensing Department should know about the Charging Points.

(b) 62 trees have been planted in the Park and I was pleased to have been involved in planting a few of the trees.

(c) One of the EV Charging Points in the Station Road Car Park is not working. This will be attended to.

(d) HMRC will not now be moving their E.K. offices to Glasgow. 

AOCB Mairi McAllan MSP has requested a meeting with CC Members and L. Hoggan to contact her to find some possible dates when this could take place. 

Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 22nd February, 2022 at 7.00pm via Zoom. 

Members of the Public are most welcome to all our Meetings. All correspondence to:- strathavencommcouncil@gmail.com. 

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