Minutes of Strathaven and Glassford Community Council Meeting November 30th 2021

Sederunt: Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Les Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Munro Tulloch (Treasurer); Morag Arnot; Linda Brown and Margot McDonald.

Councillors: M. Cooper and I. Dorman.

Minute Secretary: John Graham.

Visitors: Matt Burns; Robert Murray and Jackie Thomson. 

Apologies: Councillor G. Campbell; Alister Hendry; Douglas Scott and Aileen Stewart. 

Minutes of Previous Meeting (26/10/2021)

The Minutes were approved without change. Proposed: L. Hoggan. Seconded: L. Brown. 

Police Report

The Report was received prior to the meeting and listed the following Crime Figures between 26/10/21 – 26/11/21:- Crimes of disorder/violence/ASBO 7 Vandalism 6 Road Traffic Accidents 5 Fraud 2 Theft 5 Domestic Incidents 3 Drugs 1 There has also been a marked Police vehicle designated to Strathaven on every shift in the last fortnight. CC Members were asked to let the Chairperson if they had any questions which they wished raised with Police Scotland. 


They requested to attend the meeting but had to cancel their visit. The matter will be taken up at a future meeting should they wish to attend. 

Community Action Plan (CAP) Review

(a) The suggestion about possibly putting in CCTV in the Common Green was thought to be worth considering. The Strathaven Business Association are willing to fund raise for this project and will also front it. The CCTV would be active 24 hours per day and will be managed but not monitored. Talks will take place with Councillor Cooper regarding how this project could be carried out.

(b) The lighting of the Rifleman Khan Statue was discussed and it was agreed that this would be beneficial.

(c) It was suggested that signage and Information Boards be sited in the town.

(d) It was agreed that the above mentioned ideas be added to the CAP.

(e) Councillor Cooper said that the Festivals Group were looking at lighting for the Khan Statue and that she would speak to SLC about other areas who have installed CCTV. 

Town Centre Fund 2022

(a) SLC have been contacted and, while no Fund has yet been confirmed for 2022, the CC should look at having Projects ready to go if funding becomes available. There was a short timescale for Applications last year and the CC need to be prepared.

(b) The question as to who was eligible to apply was raised. In reply, it was said that any constituted group with a Bank Account could apply to the Fund.

(c) Members were reminded that any suggested Project must be in the Town Centre and must be transformational.

(d) It was suggested that the Toilet Scheme, in conjunction with local businesses, be considered as a possible Project.

(e) Councillor Cooper felt that it might be unlikely that the Town Centre Fund would be replicated in the coming year. 

Other Funding Sources

(a) The Treasurer expressed concerns about the take up of the Micro Grants money and that the CC lagged behind other CCs in Applications to the Kype Muir Fund. There is £5,000 available each year in the Micro Grants Fund and there is £4,000 remaining in the Fund at present. There is a need to reach groups within the area.

(b) It was reported that, while money is being given out, there is still £49,700 available in the Kype Muir Fund. There is a need to explain that funding is available and groups should be encouraged to submit Applications. It was agreed to put updated information about the Funds on the CC Website.

(c) Councillor Cooper has the paperwork for the Rifleman Khan Event DVD and said that copies would be sent to schools and to the Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust.

(d) Councillor Cooper said that some people apply to the SLC Micro Grants Fund and maybe not to the the Fund run by the CC. She also said that applicants wanted the Forms to be completed for them as the process can be complicated. Maybe there is a need for training on how to complete Applications.

(e) When looking at Funding Bids for the Town Plan it may be necessary to look at a bigger Project covering possibly just one thing. Maybe one Headline Project using more than one Fund. This was deemed to be a good idea and that the Kype Muir Fund would welcome this. Councillor Cooper said that it would be useful to all Grant sources available to the community and the CC if there was one headline Project, led by a group, which could only be achieved by accessing all Funds to achieve it.

(f) A suggestion put forward was that the Scouts needed a Minibus and this could also be used by other local groups. Councillor Cooper said that she knew someone who may be able to help with an Application for a Minibus and that she was willing to put the CC in touch with him.

(g) It was said that the Community Bus needed to be promoted much better than it is at present.

(h) Targeting local groups would be the best way forward and it was suggested that a List of groups in the area could be split between the CC Members. Each group could be contacted informing them about available Grants and any ideas gleaned could be passed to the Treasurer. There are several listings of groups in the area available (e.g. SJHMT, The Gala Day Programme and SLL&C know which groups use their premises). 

Clydesdale Tourism Group Update

The Group is currently developing plans and they will involve routes starting in Strathaven and going to Biggar. 

Social Media and Strathaven Facebook Group Post Issues

The CC will put information on their own Website and on the Glassford Community Page. 

Planning Applications

(a) L. Brown was asked if she could send out a Planning Report to CC Members prior to meetings.

(b) Planning Applications for 3 residential sites have been submitted for Newtonside.

(c) The Floors development has been asked to change the use of one plot on the site.

(d) Two plot Wind Turbines at 150 metres in height are planned at High Cardiff. These could compromise the Flight Path at Strathaven Airfield. It was agreed that the CC be consistent and the standard Letter regarding new Wind Turbines be sent to SLC.

(e) An Application to put housing on the footprint of a previous building at Lethame Cottage has been submitted.

(f) Allotments and Raised Beds are planned on former recreational ground on A Community Council constituted under section 52 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 as amended. Lesmahagow Road and the Plans have gone through the SLC Committee process. (Subsequent to the meeting Councillor Dorman confirmed that 7 Plots and 14 Raised Beds were planned on the site).

(g) A site visit was carried out on Wellbrae to assess the planned development for housing there.

(h) Councillor Cooper said that the community should remember that SLC Councillors were not Members of the CC and did not have a vote on issues raised. 

Strathaven Castle Update

(a) The Planning Application is in for the erection of fencing and once this has been done the agreed work on the Castle can go ahead.

(b) Information Boards and Lighting will also be put up. 

Transport Sub-Group

(a) The next meeting of the Group is due in Mid-December.

(b) A question was raised as to whether the Survey planned for September at Lethame Road/Threestanes Road had been carried out. (c) The CC thanked Councillor Dorman and G. McAllan for their work on getting the pavements resurfaced on Colinhill Road.

(d) No work has been carried out on the pavements in the Douglas Street/Kype View area and an update was requested. Councillor Dorman agreed to follow this up. 

Working Together for Avondale (WTA) Update

(a) The Chair praised the Food Shelves now in place in the Climate Action Strathaven premises and said that they give the Foodbank another option.

(b) The Peer Support Groups are almost finished and these and the Foodbank have proved to be very beneficial. A further £200 has been raised and donated to the Foodbank which continues to be operational.

(c) There are plans to make up Food Parcels and Recipes to be given out at Christmas.

(d) The Sandford Giving Tree have also received help from WTA.

(e) The Chair asked where the items donated to the Food Box in Aldi went. It was not known where the items went but it was felt that its presence should be made known to the community. L. Hoggan agreed to include an article in ‘The Echoes’ about it.

(f) Some donations to Loaves and Fishes are sent by people in Strathaven and, while some items from this service do come to the town, it was felt that people should be encouraged to support their local Foodbank. It was also suggested that an Animal Foodbank was needed.

(g) Councillor Cooper said that the charity which benefitted from the Christmas Tree was the St. Andrews Hospice.

(h) J. Thomson said that she was a Member of the local Art Club and said that they would be willing to design Christmas Cards for next year. These could be sold for local charities. It was agreed that this idea be considered. 

Strathaven CARS

(a) No new contracts are being sought.

(b) Work is underway at Sorbie Hayes, legal contracts are in preparation for The Weavers and work is due to start soon on Blair’s Hairdressers. Negotiations are taking place with the Green Room.

(c) Work has been completed on Craig’s Newsagents, the Barber Shop and on the roof of a building on Bridge Street.

(d) The problem with the changes carried out on ‘The Taal’ have been resolved.

(e) Congratulations were expressed to ‘The Tudor Tearoom’ and ‘The Taal’ for their success at the Scottish Food Awards. Letters of congratulations to be sent to both from the CC. 

Kype Muir Community Fund

(a) Reports were circulated to CC Members prior to the meeting, including an update on the Kype Muir Extension.

(b) There is still £46,000 available in the Fund.

(c) As the Avondale Beekeeper Award covers a wider area than Strathaven and Glassford some funding will come from other local CCs.

(d) Connect2Renewables and the REF receive 50% of the Kype Muir Fund. At present there is no clarification on what monies go to local Projects and Banks would like better accountability.

(e) The REF is there for Grants up to £10,000 without the need for matched funding.

(f) £45,000 funding to go through the Community Enterprise Committee for the Glassford Community Hall.

(g) Councillor Cooper said that there is currently only one person within SLC dealing with the Fund.

(h) The next meeting of the group is due in January, 2022. 

CC Micro Grants

(a) The Report was circulated to Members prior to the meeting.

(b) There has been one new Application from Round Strathaven 50 for a £500 contribution towards providing accommodation for the annual event at Strathaven Academy. As the group contribute to charities out with the local area, and the Micro Grant requires that the money benefits the local community, the Award was granted on the condition that a £500 donation be made locally. Receipts will be required showing where the money goes.

(c) There is £4,000 remaining in the Micro Grant Fund and Applications for funding are needed.

(d) The CC Grant has £200 remaining. The Zoom Licence, the Remembrance Day Wreath and the web hosting fee come from this money. 

Secretary’s Report

There was nothing to report which was not covered in the meeting. 

Treasurer’s Report

(a) The Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the meeting.

(b) There have been no transactions in the last month for the main SLC Accounts except the Remembrance Day Wreath.

(c) COVID Fund – During the month there was a payment of £500 to the Outreach Church for the Sandford Giving Tree in line with last years contribution. 

Reports from CC Members (

a) The CAT Application for the Glassford Community Hall goes to the SLC Committee next week. (L. Hoggan).

(b) At the South Lanarkshire Cycling Partnership meeting there was mention of the recent publication of the Active Travel Study of Strathaven and Stonehouse. This is one of a number of surveys about how local people travel. Copies can be viewed at local Libraries. (G. McAllan).

(c) Work is well advanced by the Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust (SJHMT) on the App Extension. (G. McAllan).

(d) The SJHMT AGM will take place at 7.30pm on the 15th December via Zoom. (G. McAllan). 

Reports from SLC Councillors

Councillor Dorman

(a) There has been some vandalism in the Strathaven Park around the Bowling Green and to the fencing around the Miniature Railway. Repairs have been carried out.

(b) Councillor Dorman said that she would send details to the CC Members about the work at the former recreational area at Lesmahagow Road.

(c) She attended the launch of the Onshore Wind Policy.

Councillor Cooper

(a) The Councillor thanked the CC for the Grant made towards the production of the DVD of the Rifleman Khan Event. The DVD will sell for £5.00 and any profits will go to future local Projects.

(b) She also thanked G. McAllan for collecting the Boards from the Display in the CAS premises.

(c) Thanks were given to the local businesses who donated prizes for the Raffle at the Khan Event and also to the Avondale Young Farmers for their help at the Reception in the Scout and Guide Centre. Money from the Raffle was used towards the cost of the Project and hospitality on the day.

(d) Money from the Strathaven Festivals Fund was used to provide a lunch last year for older people in Glassford.

(e) The Councillor has been dealing with complaints regarding the closure of the East Kilbride road.

(f) Complaints have also been received about Leisure Centres and some SLC premises being used as Vaccination Centres. This has meant that some groups have been unable to meet up.

(g) The Stonehouse Post Office has closed.

(h) Other constituency matters have been dealt with. 


(a) Members were asked to pass any lists of local groups to which they had access to A. McMann or M. McDonald.

(b) The CC recorded its appreciation to Councillor Cooper for her work on the Rifleman Khan Project and on the running of the successful Unveiling Event. 

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 25th January, 2022 at 7.00pm via Zoom. 

Members of the Public are most welcome to all our Meetings. 

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