Sederunt: Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Les Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Munro Tulloch (Treasurer); Morag Arnot; Linda Brown; Alister Hendry; Margot McDonald; Douglas Scott and Aileen Stewart.

Councillors: M. Cooper and I. Dorman.

Minute Secretary: John Graham.

Visitors: Marta Brionges; Claire Casey; David Jamieson; Chris McVeigh; Robert Murray and Jackie Thomson. 

Apologies: Dr. Lisa Cameron M.P. and Councillor G. Campbell.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (28/09/2021) The Minutes were approved without change. Proposed: G. McAllan. Seconded: M. Arnot. 

Police Report The Police Report was received prior to the meeting and was circulated to all Members. Any questions from Members for the Police to be sent to the Chairperson. 

SP Energy Network Planned Overhead Cable Work

(a) Representatives of Keltbray explained that they were Service Partners of SP Energy with responsibility for looking after the poles. They informed Members that the Emergency Number for Power Cuts is 105.

(b) During November they will be working on upgrading the overhead electricity network in the Strathaven area. There will be an investment of around £250,000 across the community. There will be an increased presence of their vehicles in the area and temporary traffic control measures, using Stop/Go boards, will be required during the work. They will do everything possible to minimise disruption but some planned power cuts will be necessary. Customers will be notified of these in advance. Anyone needing either specialist requirements or support should contact Keltbray on 03300 947 191.

(c) L. Hoggan requested that the information be made available on the CC Website and also in ‘The Echoes’.

(d) The representatives of the Company left the meeting at 7.30pm. 

Community Action Plan (CAP) Review

(a) No comments have been received from the community. The CC now need to look at the CAP and decide what needs to be reviewed.

(b) J. Thomson asked what the CAP was and L. Hoggan gave a brief summary of the Plan and its purpose.

(c) J. Thomson asked if some medical aspects currently only available out with Strathaven could be brought to the town and could this be added to the Plan. As this was an NHS matter it was felt that it would not come under the CAP and was not CC business. 

Proposed Overwood Incinerator CC Response

(a) The CC Response has been written and will be submitted at the appropriate time.

(b) M. Arnot had compiled a Report on the Incinerator at Dunbar in which she stated that the plant could not easily be seen due to its location. This contrasted with the proposed Incinerator at Overwood which would be seen for miles around. The Report was noted by the Members. 

Clydesdale Tourism Group Update

(a) L. Hoggan reported that he had become involved in the Group over 2 years ago. Its aim is to create a Tourism Strategy for the Clydesdale area, including Avondale.

(b) Funding will be available in 2022 for the ‘Year of Storytelling’ and advantage should be taken of this to run local events.

(c) The next meeting of the Group is on Friday 29th October. 

Social Media and Strathaven Facebook Group Post Issues

(a) The CC has written to the Administrator of the Strathaven Facebook Group regarding the way in which CC matters are posted. There has been no reply to date.

(b) L. Hoggan has been trying to resolve the issue. It is not possible at present to link the CC Facebook Page to the Strathaven Group Page. At the moment he is posting material to the Discover Strathaven Page and it gets sent from there. It is hoped that this works but he will continue to progress the matter. 

Planning Applications

(a) L. Brown informed the meeting that she is now receiving information from SLC regarding Planning Applications. There was nothing controversial in the October notifications but she checked back on the September Applications and said that the CC may wish to look at one for a house and three garages on Wellbrae. There may be traffic implications if the Plan is approved. 

(b) J. Thomson, a resident from the Wellbrae area, informed the meeting that there had been three previous refusals for Planning Permission for the site. The residents have submitted objections to SLC. She asked if the CC would consider also putting in an objection. The deadline for this was the 2nd November, 2021.

(c) After discussion, the CC decided that more information was needed and that a site visit, by Members of the Transport Sub-Group, should take place. In the meantime the CC would send a letter to SLC requesting an extension to the Planning Procedure to allow it time to assess the Application. 

Strathaven Castle Update The Planning Application is in for exterior fencing on the site. Once this is agreed remedial work can begin. 

Transport Sub-Group

(a) There has been no meeting of the Sub-Group as the meeting scheduled for October has not taken place.

(b) M. Arnot has contacted SLC about the parking at the bottom of Overton Road. 

Working Together for Avondale Update and Future Plans

(a) The Peer Support Groups are continuing.

(b) The Art Classes and Workshops run for children in October during school holiday week were a success.

(c) Discussions have taken place regarding what else can be done to alleviate Mental Health Issues.

(d) There are still funds available for projects and the CC agreed to discuss this at the November meeting. 

Strathaven CARS

(a) Many of the projects have been completed and work will be done on Sorbie Hayes, Blair’s, The Barber’s Shop and on a building on Bridge Street. The Weavers work is in the final legal phase. Work on the Green Room will not now go ahead.

(b) All projects are due to be completed by the 31st January, 2022. An extension has been requested due to COVID issues regarding the supply of materials.

(c) Councillor Cooper asked if the owner of The Taal was going to be repaid for the work done on the building. In reply it was said that the issue was still under debate with HES and that CARS believed that the money should be repaid. 

Kype Muir Community Fund

(a) The next meeting is scheduled for the 16th November, 2021.

(b) There are still some Applications pending.

(c) The Kype Muir Fund passes some money to the REF and Connect Renewables and discussions are needed as to how to how this is done in the future.

(d) The Onshore Wind Policy has been revealed and M. McDonald will be attending a meeting about this on Thursday 28th October, 2021. Members were asked to send comments to her before Thursday. L. Hoggan said that he would also be attending the meeting on behalf of Strathaven Echoes. 

CC Micro Grants

(a) An Application from the Evangelical Church has been referred to SLC as the CC wanted their advice before deciding if the Micro Grants Fund was the best option for this Application. Either the REF or the Kype Muir Fund may be a better option. The Application is for CCTV outside the Church and is not for religious purposes.

(b) Councillor Cooper said that she supported the Application as the CCTV could be beneficial in helping to reduce vandalism and drink and drug problems in that area of the Park. 

Secretary’s Report An enquiry has been received asking if the CC could help in securing funds to restore the War Memorial on the tower of Avondale Parish Church. It was agreed that the person making the enquiry should contact the CC to see if the Kype Muir Fund could help. M. McDonald agreed to deal with this matter. 

Treasurer’s Report

(a) The report was sent to Members prior to the meeting. Its contents were accepted by the CC.

(b) The CC Wreath for Remembrance Day is being purchased.

(c) The Chairperson asked what arrangements were in place for the laying of the Wreath this year and was informed that the Parade would leave from Station Road for the Wreath laying at the War Memorial. 

Reports from CC Members

(a) Glassford Community Group has submitted a CAT Application to SLC for the Community Hall. The final outcome is due in December. (L. Hoggan)

(b) A. Stewart asked what was happening with regards to the Toilet Scheme. The CC decided to review which businesses had agreed to take part and how money could be paid to them. The Scheme will be discussed in January and February, 2022. 

(c) Thanks were expressed to Councillor Dorman for her efforts in getting SLC to remove fly-tipping. (G. McAllan)

(d) Thanks were expressed to Councillor Campbell for his work over the years. As he is still a Councillor it was agreed to do this formally in May next year. (L. Brown) 

Reports from SLC Councillors

Councillor M. Cooper

(a) She has been dealing with numerous road closure issues.

(b) She has been continuing to monitor the drainage issue outside the Town Mill.

(c) There have also been issues of vandalism in the Park.

(d) The organising of the Rifleman Khan event on the 7th November has been taking up a lot of her time.

(e) She informed the meeting that NHS Lanarkshire had issued a message saying that they are under duress and severe pressure. Councillor Cooper realises that people are not happy with the lack of GP Appointments.

(f) Canderavon House in Stonehouse are no longer taking long term patients and residents have been moved to other care facilities. They now only take short term patients. 

Councillor I. Dorman Has been dealing with Constituency and Committee work. 

AOCB Councillor Cooper asked if any decision had been taken regarding the Funding Application for the production of a video of the full Rifleman Khan event. The Treasurer reported that the granting of £100 towards the video was included in the Micro Grant Paper with the Treasurer’s Report. As £500 had been requested Councillor Cooper asked if the CC could reconsider the Award with a view to increasing the sum of money. At this point CC Members with an interest in this issue left the meeting along with Councillor Cooper to allow a discussion to take place. After a lengthy discussion, it was agreed to increase the Award to £500. The reason being that there had been a misunderstanding about the role of the BBC, which will also be filming the event, at the original discussions about the Application. The BBC is only making a short film and not the full event. The video of the whole event will be an important part of local history in the future. Also, full information on the video content was not known at that time. The decision was unanimous from those CC Members eligible to vote. 

Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 30th November at 7.00pm via Zoom. 

Members of the Public are most welcome to all our Meetings. All correspondence to:- 

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