Copyright to Strathaven and Glassford Community Council


Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Les
Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Munro Tulloch (Treasurer); Morag Arnot; Linda
Brown; Alister Hendry; Margot McDonald and Aileen Stewart.
Councillors: M. Cooper and I. Dorman.
Minute Secretary: John Graham.
Visitor: Robert Murray


Mairi McAllan MSP and Douglas Scott.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (321/08/2021).
The Minutes were approved without change.
Proposed: L. Hoggan. Seconded: S. Tulloch.

Community Action Plan (CAP).
No comments have been received regarding points to be included in the CAP.
Members were requested to submit any suggestions to L. Hoggan by the 8th October.

Membership of CC.
(a) M. Arnot and L. Hoggan reported that they had both been contacted by
people interested in joining the CC.
(b) As new Members are required to be ratified at an AGM the names of those involved should be obtained prior to the next AGM.

Matters Arising.
It was reported that, subsequent to the August meeting, it was found that the problem with hazardous parking at Overton Road/Commercial Road had not been addressed. M. Arnot has taken this up with SLC.

Clydesdale Tourism Group (CTG) Update.
(a) L. Hoggan attends this Group which covers tourism opportunities in
Clydesdale. Avondale is included within the group’s geographical area.
(b) 2022 has been designated the Year of Storytelling and there is an
opportunity for Avondale to consider a Funding Bid to carry out events
during the year.
(c) L. Hoggan to send a Report to CC Members.

Social Media and Strathaven Facebook Group Posts Issues.
(a) Following extracts from the CC Website appearing on the Strathaven Facebook Page it was again stressed that the Administrator of this Page should only report CC matters as supplied by the CC.
(b) Following lengthy discussion regarding what to do about this situation several alternative ways of communicating with the community were put forward. It was agreed that the CC should consider a better way of its information being posted on the Strathaven Facebook Group, with the post on the CC Facebook Page being shared in its entirety directly to the Strathaven Group and not edited or posted in the name of an Administrator on the Strathaven Facebook Group. The Members agreed that any data regarding the CC should come from the CC and be reported in its entirety directly from the Community Council. No editing of the material to be carried out by a third party and no selective extracts from the Agenda or Minutes to be posted by the Strathaven Group Administrator. Only the official CC logo is to be used and no additional comments or graphics to be added without the permission of the Community Council. Serious consideration was given to copyrighting CC material in the future and also to using other local social media pages and groups to promote the work of the Community Council, its Facebook Page and its Website.
(c) L. Hoggan to contact the Administrator to arrange a meeting to discuss the
situation going forward.

Planning Applications Sub-Group.
(a) A single 150 metre Wind Turbine is planned off the Muirkirk Road. The CC
has been consistent in its approach to the planned erection of new Turbines and it was agreed that the Standard Letter used by the CC be sent.
(b) Residents have objected to Plans for a conversion of an existing property on Crosshill Road and have asked if the CC could also submit an objection. It was felt that the CC could not do this but, as the residents had not received the correct Plans, the CC would try to ensure that SLC sent the correct Plans to them. Councillor Dorman agreed to contact SLC about this matter.
(c) G. McAllan said that he receives the link to Planning Applications each week and would keep a watching brief on behalf of the CC. L. Brown said that she was willing to assist in monitoring Planning issues if the link could also be sent to her. G. McAllan agreed to expedite this.

Strathaven Castle Update.
(a) The Application to erect fencing at the Castle has been submitted and, once agreed, it should be put in place fairly quickly. Its erection should allow some renovation work to take place.
(b) An offer of funding has been received to allow lights to be put in place to highlight the Castle building.

Transport Sub-Group.
There was nothing to report and the next meeting of the Sub-Group is scheduled for October.

Working Together for Avondale (WTA).
(a) The Peer Support Groups have been continuing.
(b) Art Classes and Workshops will be run during the October School Holiday Week for children.
(c) A meeting will be held on 1st October to discuss the way forward.

Strathaven CARS.
(a) No further Projects are being sought and the following are either completed or on-going:- Craig’s Newsagents; Sorbie Hayes; The Weavers; The Taal; Blair’s Hairdressers; The Green Room; The Barber Shop and the roof on a property on Bridge Street.
(b) Due to difficulties the gable end next to The Green Room is not part of the
work to be done.
(c) Councillor Cooper said that the owner of ‘The Taal Restaurant’ had paid for the work on the roof himself. L. Hoggan said that discussions were still continuing with HES in an attempt to resolve the funding issue.

Kype Muir Community Fund.
(a) A. McMann and M. McDonald attended the Kype Muir Community Fund meeting on 13th September. A Report on this meeting was sent to CC Members prior to the CC Meeting.
(b) Spreadsheets showing Funding Grants and money available were also sent to CC Members prior to the Meeting. Pending for the CC were:-

  • Strathaven Academy Cycling Project £5,000. A copy of the Expression of
    Interest was sent to Members prior to the Meeting.
  • Strathaven Striders: Application for funding for the hire of Strathaven Academy for use at their annual event. However, a site has been offered and a Final Application showing what sum of money is required is awaited.
  • The Strathaven Academy Application covers the Sandford and Upper Avondale CC areas as well as that of Strathaven and Glassford and a split of the money is being pursued. This would also apply to an Application from Avondale Community Beekeepers and it is felt that there should be a split of the funding between the various CCs. S. Tulloch and Councillor Cooper to discuss this with M. McDonald.
  • There has been no feedback from the Banks meeting with SLC seeking clarification of the Connect Renewables spend.

CC Micro Grants.
(a) There have been no transactions since the August Report.
(b) A List has been compiled of smaller local groups and it was suggested that contact be made with the groups on the List to see if they had any Projects which may need funding. It was thought that if some groups were approached and other groups were not asked it could lead to some groups being offended. L. Hoggan to send the List to CC Members and they were asked to pass suggestions to S. Tulloch as to how smaller groups could be encouraged to apply for funds from this source.

Reports from CC Members.
(a) Despite bad weather at the start the Round Strathaven 50 Cycling Event
was very successful. (G. McAllan).
(b) An attempted dog theft took place in the Park. (M. Arnot).

Secretary’s Report.
There was nothing further to report.

Treasurer’s Report.
(a) The Treasurer’s Report was circulated to CC Members.
(b) Approval was sought for the purchase of the Remembrance Day Wreath.
The request was approved.

Reports from SLC Councillors.

Councillor Dorman
(a) Footpaths in the Kype View/Douglas Street area are scheduled for repair
work to be carried out.
(b) The fly tipping problem has been reported but the rubbish has not yet
been removed.
(c) The Board Walk at the Castle Park will be repaired as soon as the wood
can be sourced.

Councillor Cooper
(a) Work has been carried out to the drains outside the Town Mill. A new
channel has been installed and the drains will be cleaned monthly.
(b) 150 guests have been invited to the unveiling of the Rifleman Khan Statue.
Planning for the Event continues and the prizes for the Raffle will be displayed in the window of the Tudor Tearoom. The Event will receive prominent media coverage, including from the BBC, and a DVD may also be produced.
(c) The author of the book ‘Rebel Dogs’, Kimberley Hamilton, will visit all schools in the area and will present a signed copy of the book to each school. Her book covers the story of Rifleman Khan.
(d) New seating will be installed in the Common Green soon.
(e) A new Community Noticeboard will be erected in the Common Green between the Post Box and the Bank. The ground is being checked at present to ensure that it is safe for this to happen.
(f) Due to upcoming road works the residents of Hamilton Road will have to find alternative parking arrangements during the period of the work. Access arrangements are being discussed.
(g) Fly tipping has been reported at the entrance to the Wind Farm on the Muirkirk Road and at the entrance to the Strathaven Hotel.
(h) Councillor Cooper has also been dealing with other Constituency issues.

(a) A copy of the Police Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the Meeting. The Chairperson said that she had contacted Police Scotland to ask if they were aware of drug issues in the area. Members were asked to pass any concerns regarding crime to L. Hoggan.
(b) A Report by M. Arnot on Incinerators to be circulated to CC Members.
(c) Councillor Cooper requested that the link to CC Meetings be sent to her
E-Mail address in future.
(d) The burst water main which occurred recently in Strathaven may have been caused by the contractors working on North Street.
(e) Members were asked if it may be possible to site Webcams in the Common Green. While this had been considered some years ago it may be time to look at this again.
(f) The Chairperson reminded everyone that two Agendas would be issued for the October Meeting. One for the AGM and one for the monthly meeting.

Date of Next Meeting.
Tuesday 26th October at 7.00pm via Zoom.

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