Strathaven and Glassford Community Council Minutes August 31st 2021

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held online using Zoom

  1. Sederunt: Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice-Chair); Les Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Munro Tulloch (Treasurer); Morag Arnot; Linda Brown; Alister Hendry; Margot McDonald; Douglas Scott and Aileen Stewart.
    Councillors: M. Cooper and I. Dorman.
    Minute Secretary: John Graham.
    Visitors: Dr. Lisa Cameron M.P. and Robert Murray
  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting (29/06/2021).
    The Minutes were approved without change.
    Proposed – M. McDonald. Seconded – S. Tulloch.
  2. Community Action Plan Review (CAP). Only one response was received and it may be necessary to look at the Review again in an attempt to pull together community needs. Members to send their comments to L. Hoggan by the end of September.
  1. CC Membership. There has been no response to the request for new Members. The person contacted by A. Hendry was not interested in joining the CC. L. Hoggan to continue advertising for new Members.
  1. Plans for Incinerator at Overwood. The Plans have not yet been submitted to SLC. The CC response is ready to go when required.
  2. Toilet Provision in Strathaven.
    (a) There has been no change to the number of businesses agreeing to take part in the Scheme.
    (b) The aim is to have the Scheme in place for Easter 2022 and this would include plans for a financial incentive for those taking part. A source needs to be agreed for the funding of this.
  1. Planning Applications Sub-Group.
    (a) A CC Member had heard that a Plan had been submitted for the Ballgreen Hall Complex. This had proved not to be true and she said that there was a need for a CC Member to monitor Planning Applications. D. Scott agreed to monitor the Planning Portal but said that he was very busy and Members were asked to let L. Hoggan know if they could assist in this task. The matter will be included on the Agenda for the September meeting.
    (b) Councillors reported that the only Planning Applications current were for the East Overton Development and changes to Berebriggs Road.
    (c) It was also reported that money had been included in the SLC Budget for the demolition of the Ballgreen Hall Complex. It was possible that the site would be put up for sale. Should a private Housing Association purchase it and agree to build Social Housing, SLC could consider becoming involved in the Project.
    (d) Plans have been agreed for the building of flats adjacent to the Golf Club, a Wind Turbine at Kirkland Farm and a bio-mass boiler at West Newton Farm.
  1. Transport Sub-Group.
    M. Arnot reported the following:-
    (a) The problem of hazardous parking at the Overton Road/Commercial Road junction has been addressed.
    (b) The sight lines on North Street are still bad. Ground Services will maintain the site and will replace the bush blocking sight lines with plants.
    (c) A Traffic Census will be carried out in September on Lethame Road to review the situation.
    (d) The proposed one-way system around Bridge Street and Wellbrae will go out to consultation.
    (e) The Review of the 20mph speed limit will be carried out in September and a Report will be sent to SLC.
    (f) A Bike Rack has been suggested for placement in the Common Green but SLC would like there to be a Cycle Shed to provide cover for the bikes. Members were asked to suggest where in the Common Green such a Shed could be sited.
    (g) A Speed Survey will be carried out in Glassford in September.
    (h) Traffic Signal sequence in the Common Green to be looked at in September.
    (i) M. McDonald questioned whether priority should be given to providing more Disabled Parking Spaces over the provision for cyclists.
    (j) R. Murray reported that Dr. Cameron M.P. had received numerous complaints regarding the Lethame Road junction and, after visiting the site with Members of the CC and nearby residents, she requested an on site meeting at the location to discuss what action could be taken for both motorists and pedestrian safety. The site meeting took place and a Traffic
    Survey is to be carried out.
    (k) Councillor Cooper asked why Dr. Cameron was getting involved in SLC matters. It was said that she had been responding to requests to become involved and that she had worked closely supporting SLC Councillors on the CC. Both parties agreed to discuss the matter privately.
  1. Working Together for Avondale Update (WTA).
    (a) WTA have continued to provide community support since the previous CC Meeting. The main activities have been:-
  • Easter meals.
  • Further support for Strathaven Foodbank.
  • Provision of fresh food vouchers at Ann Davidson Butchers.
  • Provision of vouchers for weekend meal at The Taal Indian Restaurant.
  • Support for installation of a food shelf in Climate Action Strathaven.
  • Family Fun Day at Strathaven Miniature Railway.
  • Two Peer Groups held at the Outreach Church.
  • Further Mindfulness Sessions.
  • A Mindfulness Camp for more than 60 children.
  • 200 Craft Kits were distributed.
    (b) Funding for the above activities came from the Communities Recovery Fund, Foundation Scotland and the Enhanced Summer Provision Fund run by SLC.
    (c) To date £28,741.29 of the £40,000 has been spent.
    (d) Proposals for the spending of the remaining £11,528.61 include:-
  • Follow-up Mindfulness Art Sessions during the October School Holiday week. (£1,279.90).
  • Two Peer Support Groups offering up to a maximum of 16 Sessions for up to 12 people per Session. (£3,248).
  • A COVID Commemorative Bench to be sited at an agreed location in Strathaven. (£1,000).
  • An event to mark the effort of organisations, individuals and communities across Avondale during the COVID pandemic. (No costing at present).
  • Further support for Strathaven Foodbank. (£500).
  • Energy top-ups as required for a Hardship Fund. (£200).
    (e) At present just over £5,000 remains uncommitted.
    (f) The full Progress Report on WTA was circulated to CC Members prior to the meeting.
  1. Strathaven CARS.
    (a) Work on The Taal Indian Restaurant is completed.
    (b) Work either in progress or to be started includes Craig’s Newsagent, Sorbie Hayes, The Barbers, The Weavers, The Green Room, Blair’s Hairdressers and a roof on a premises on Bridge Street.
    (c) No further work is being sought.
    (d) The CC Noticeboard was damaged and L. Hoggan has agreed that CARS will fund a replacement. The area previously occupied by the Noticeboard will be taken over by the Rifleman Khan Statue and, following discussions, Councillor Cooper is pursuing permission for the area between the Post Box and the Bank of Scotland as a possible site for the Noticeboard. (This
    information was omitted at the Meeting and was subsequently supplied by M. McDonald for the information of the CC Members).
  1. Kype Muir Community Fund.
    (a) An Application for £4,000 has been agreed for Frets Creative with a further £1,000 six months later towards the Local Radio Project.
    (b) An Expression of Interest has been received from Strathaven Academy for £6,000 for a Cycling Club. This will also be available to Primary Schools.
    (c) £158,331 has been added to the Fund and the CC will receive one sixth of this sum.
    (d) The Fund will be reviewed in 2022 and the CC will submit ideas and recommendations to the Appraisal in May next year.
  1. CC Micro Grants.
    (a) The £5,000 for this years Grant has been received from SLC. The CC wish to attract Applications from small Groups within the community and L. Hoggan will continue to promote the Fund in ‘The Echoes’.
    (b) Councillor Cooper informed Members that the Tennis Club and the Miniature Railway had developments pending and could put in an Application.
    (c) R. Murray said that discussions were ongoing regarding the creation of a Skatepark in Strathaven and the setting up of a Committee to take this forward was being considered.
    (d) Councillor Cooper said that a Skatepark was planned within the East Overton Development and agreed to assist the family campaigning for such a Project bring it to fruition. L. Hoggan agreed to pass contact details to Councillor Cooper.
    (e) All paperwork has now been completed and Grants closed off with the exception of the Bethany Group who have not been able to have their planned outing due to the COVID pandemic.
    (f) From the 2020 – 2021 Grant there are two outstanding awards at this time, namely, Strathaven Business Association and Creative Strathaven. These Groups have been contacted for an update to allow these to be closed off.
    (g) The full Micro Grants Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the Meeting.
  1. Secretary’s Report.
    (a) There is a Plan to create a Community Garden at the Airfield and the group working on this have been awarded Charity Status and require Trustees.
    (b) The Report has been done on the Hunterlees Road in Glassford and R. Murray will send a copy to L. Hoggan for forwarding to CC Members.
  1. Treasurer’s Report.
    (a) All monies have been received from SLC.
    (b) Approval was sought for payment of £15 for the Domain Name. This was approved.
    (c) The Town Centre Fund is a bit cumbersome but the CC are coping with this. Continuing to use BACs for payments and claiming the money back is working well.
    (d) The full Report was circulated to CC Members prior to the Meeting.
  2. Reports from CC Members.
    (a) The SJHMT currently have a display of some of their COVID Archive
    material in the CAS premises on Green Street. (M. McDonald).
    (b) The problem of fly-tipping was raised again. (G. McAllan).
    (c) Congratulation were given to SLC for the work done on road upgrades in the area. (G. McAllan).
    (d) The Balloon Flights planned for what would have been the Balloon Festival weekend had to be cancelled. (L. Hoggan).
  3. Reports from SLC Councillors.
    Councillor Dorman.
    (a) She reported that she has been busy with Constituency matters.
    (b) Councillor Dorman was asked if SLC had any plans to resurface the footpaths in the Kype View, Douglas Street and Moss Road area which are in a poor state of repair. She agreed to look into this matter. (Subsequent to the Meeting Councillor Dorman reported that the footpaths in the area were not currently on the SLC List for resurfacing. An inspection will be carried out to assess if resurfacing is required).
    Councillor Cooper.
    She reported that she had been involved in the following:-
    (a) Working with Avondale Church and the Tennis Club on possible Projects.
    (b) In discussions about where to plant trees in the Park so as not to inconvenience events which take place there.
    (c) Police have been informed regarding damage to trees in the Park.
    (d) The Rifleman Khan Statue will be unveiled in November. Bancon Homes has given £2,000 towards the cost of the Project.
    (e) Investigating the lack of lighting on Lethame Road and Threestanes Road.
    (f) Concerns about the impact of road works in the Strathaven area on the community.
    (g) Work has been undertaken in the past two weeks in an attempt to sort the flooding problem outside the Town Mill and the drain has been fixed. A permanent solution is needed and Scottish Water have to ensure that their drains also remain clear.(h) Councillor Cooper praised the family who had carried out work on the Garden on Todshill Street over the summer. She also thanked the Common Greenery for donating plants. The possibility of the community taking over the site is being considered. (i) SLC now has a Plan as to what a new Cemetery for Strathaven might look like. It is also investigating the possibility of a site for a new Cemetery. (j) Jardine Patterson has donated £40,000 towards repair work being done on the present Cemetery.
  1. AOCB
    (a) D. Scott asked if consideration could be given to putting picnic benches in the Park.
    (b) A. McMann asked if the pond in the Park had been filled up. In reply, it was said that this had not yet happened as some slabs needed to be repaired. It may not be refilled until next year.
    (c) Dr. Cameron said that she had raised an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons recognising the work done by Councillor G. Campbell.
    (d) Dr. Cameron said that if anyone experienced any Home Office problems regarding deportation issues they should contact her office.
    (e) Dr. Cameron said that a Community Questionnaire on the flooding outside the Town Mill would be available soon.
  2. Date of Next Meeting.
    Tuesday 28th September at 7.00pm to be held via Zoom.

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