Help us by completing our Community Action Plan Review consultation survey

Strathaven and Glassford Community Council published its Community Action Plan in May 2019 following widespread community consultation. The Plan is used to assess applications to the Kype Muir Community Fund to ensure that projects approved reflect community priorities.


The Community Council committed to reviewing the plan in 2021 to ensure that it continues to reflect community priorities and to ensure that changes in requirements are included in the amended and updated Community Action Plan. Since consultation in 2018 Strathaven and Glassford have continued to grow in terms of population and we have seen the implementation of several of the initiatives highlighted in the 2019 version.

In addition we have experienced a global pandemic with a huge impact on our rural community and this may be a factor in considering priorities for a Community Action Plan covering 2021-2024.

We are asking for your help in updating the Action Plan. We ask you to please complete the consultation survey below to help us ensure that as many people in our community as possible has a say in what the priorities are for the next three years.

There are two versions. One to download and print and one to download and complete online on your laptop or PC.

If you complete the online version, please email it to before June 30th 2021.

If you complete the paper version please complete it and return it to the Echoes postbox in Roasted at 41 Common Green or post it to 5 Feu Road, Glassford, Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML10 6TE.

One thought on “Help us by completing our Community Action Plan Review consultation survey

  1. Have a look I would like to contribute to this discussion. However when I downloaded the iPad version it was not possible to write on it.


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