Minutes of Strathaven and Glassford Community Council Meeting February 23rd 2021

Sederunt:- Aileen McMann (Chairperson); Gordon McAllan (Vice Chair); Les Hoggan (Secretary); Sheila Tulloch (Treasurer); Morag Arnot; Linda Brown; Alister Hendry; Margot McDonald; Douglas Scott and Aileen Stewart. Councillors:- G. Campbell and I. Dorman. Minute Secretary: J. Graham. Visitors:- G. Gallagher; M. Johnson; N. Luke and K. Quigley. 

Councillors:- G. Campbell and I. Dorman.

Minute Secretary: J. Graham.

Visitors:- G. Gallagher; M. Johnson; N. Luke and K. Quigley. 

Apologies:- Russell Paterson and Stephen Thompson. 

Minutes of Previous Meeting (25/02/2020) The Minutes were passed without change. Proposed: Les Hoggan. Seconded: Linda Brown. It was agreed that Letters be sent to Russell Paterson and Stephen Thompson. Linda McCorrison has been contacted.

Community Action Plan

(a) The content has to be fit for purpose in 2021. Aims and Objectives to be looked at; a summary to be drawn up showing what has to be done and decision to be taken as to what needs to be changed.

(b) A check to be done as to what parts have been achieved. Look at this, decide what needs to be done and decide on priorities. In the current climate the priorities may have to be social and supportive issues.

(c) M. McDonald has drawn up some suggestions regarding what has been achieved, what needs to be done and some priorities. Achievements include Questionnaire on flow of traffic; the 20mph speed limit; Creative Strathaven established; the In/Out App now operating; successful Applications to the Town Centre Fund; more Defibrillators in the town and extension of Christmas Lights in Strathaven and Glassford. Issues outstanding include Strathaven Castle, Toilet Access and Community Transport. It was suggested that the CC look at one major Project for the next 3 years and several smaller quick fix ones which relate to the Action Plan.

(d) It was suggested that a Colour Code be adopted for the Action Plan (e.g. Red – Not done; Yellow – Ongoing and Green – Done).

(e) Les Hoggan to do a Review Report for the next meeting. 

Social Media in Strathaven It is essential that accurate posts are put on the Strathaven Facebook Page and that they are not changed. Anything posted by the Community Council (CC) should be entered under their name. Assurances to be sought from the Administrator that this would happen. It was agreed that posts should be posted correctly and not changed and laid out as indicated by the CC. The Administrator to be informed of this. 

Working Together for Avondale – Update and Funding

(a) Through a Foundation Scotland Grant and working with Councillor Cooper’s Strathaven Festival Group (which was awarded £2,000 from Bancon Homes) the CC are working on a Project to supply Craft Kits, through Creative Strathaven, to families with additional support needs. The funding is also being used to support Mindfulness Sessions and Mental Health, working with the Lanarkshire Medical Group, and also lunch packs for local schools to help families just above the free school meal threshold.

(b) An Application for funding has gone to the Communities Recovery Fund for £8,000. The funding will ensure that continued support can be given to the local Foodbank to assist in their work supporting the community. Continued financial support will go to supporting food parcels and there is a plan to supplement provision of non-perishable goods with a Voucher for local businesses to provide families access to fresh food.

(c) Work is going on with a local Chef to provide videos for YouTube, the Foodbank website and social media on how to use the contents of a food parcel and fresh food from local businesses to prepare nutritious and enjoyable meals (http://www.strathavenfoodbank.org).

(d) There are plans to resume provision of a weekly meal to the elderly and other families identified as being in need.

(e) Work is actively going on with a local Church on the provision of a peer support group and plans are being considered to run further such sessions in the future depending on funding.

(f) A Hardship Fund has been established and will be used to support energy top-up needs and also fresh food Vouchers for Ann Davidson Butchers that will be supplied with non-perishable food parcels.

(g) 200 Salt Sticks were supplied through VASLan.

(h) The Treasurer said that just over £7,000 remained from the £28,000 funding and the Chairperson thanked all involved in this initiative.

(i) A question was raised about the use of Digital Inclusion. In response it was said that LEAP do some digital inclusion work for the over 50s. However, there is need for this and Connecting Scotland have funding available for such an initiative. Les Hoggan agreed to contact them. The questioner was informed that it was due to the efforts of the CC that LEAP were operating in Avondale. When asked if the CC were applying for this kind of funding for A Community Council constituted under section 52 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 as amended. Working Together for Avondale, the answer was in the affirmative.

(j) M. Arnot requested that M. Johnson put together what information he desires from the CC and bring it to a future meeting. 


(a) The Enterprise Committee agreed that 2 Projects could go ahead for The Weavers Inn and the Barber’s Shop in the Common Green.

(b) Work has started on No. 40, Common Green. Sorbie Hayes has been put forward for approval; Craig’s Newsagents have been approved in principle and confirmation of Planning Approval is awaited based on it being a Listed Building and work will be done on the roof of the Taal Restaurant. Other businesses are being considered namely, The Green Room, the former Fruit Shop and 1a, Main Street. There is also a building on Bridge Street which requires repairs.

(c) CARS will now end in March, 2022. 

Kype Muir Community Fund (KMF)

(a) There are no Applications outstanding at present. There is currently £30,179 in the Fund with a further £30,000 to come in May, 2021.

(b) The Fund needs to be promoted again to the community. Also, Collect Renewables, funded out of the KMF, requires to be promoted. Few businesses seem to know about this Fund. Should the money not be spent it will default to the KMF. Promotion to be done on the CC website, via Facebook and in ‘The Echoes’.

(c) M. McDonald will do a Report on the Banks Renewables meeting of the 24th February for the CC. 

Micro Grants

(a) There are 10 new Applications for Grants from this source. L. Hoggan declared an interest in 2 of them – Creative Strathaven and Glassford Community Group. No other Members declared an interest in any of the Applications. The Applications are as follows:-

1. Strathaven Airfield – Request for £462 towards a Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Table. A Grant of £460 was recommended.

2. Creative Strathaven – Request for £500 towards providing a Bench Seat and garden feature at the shop in Barn Street Mews. A Grant of £220 was recommended to cover the Bench and as a contribution towards the garden.

3. Glassford Community Group – Request for £500 to refurbish an old road sign and to replace and install a Wooden Bench for the use of local walkers. A Grant of £200 recommended to replace the Wooden Bench.

4. Strathaven Camera Club – Request for £100 to cover the cost of an annual Zoom Account. This money would allow the Club to continue with A Community Council constituted under section 52 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 as amended. meetings and training sessions. A Grant of £100 was recommended.

5. Strathaven in Bloom – Request for £500 as a contribution to the purchase of a large Planter (“Welcome to Strathaven” gold on black – total cost £700) to be located at the entrance to Strathaven from East Kilbride. A Grant of £400 was recommended.

6. Strathaven Business Association – Request for £500 as a contribution to promoting Strathaven as a visitor destination and encourage footfall to local businesses following lockdown due to COVID. A Grant of £400 was recommended to pursue the promotion of Shop Local and Shop Strathaven to aid local businesses recover following lockdown.

7. Kirklandpark Parent Council – Request for £487.28 to provide an outdoor Library and Reading area in the school playground. The Grant would be used to buy a “Wooden Outdoor Reading Shed”. A Grant of £480 was recommended.

8. Strathaven Town Mill – Request for £469.99 as a contribution to their ongoing refurbishment of the Thomson Hall. The money to be used to purchase a new Drink Cooler. A Grant of £450 was recommended.

9. Strathaven Dynamos – Request for £500 to allow them to replace goal nets prior to the new season when competition is expected to start. Total replacement is £725. A Grant of £490 was recommended.

10. Friends of Strathaven Park (FOSP) – Request for £499.35 for various items within the Park. They are seeking to purchase an exterior lockable Noticeboard for installation on the workman’s shed in the Park and in respect of photograph printing for the Noticeboard. Also funding for activities for children. A Grant of £300 recommended as a contribution towards the Noticeboard (Total Cost £385.98).

The above Awards recommendations were approved and that concludes the Awards for the current financial year.

(b) Previously in the current financial year Awards were made to :- Lightburn Elderly Association Project (LEAP) – £500. Glassford Primary School Parent Council – £500. Strathaven Miniature Railway – £500.

(c) The 10 Applications resulted in an oversubscription for the remaining funds of £3,500 amounting to £4,518.52. In this extraordinary year the Micro Grants Group decided to give all Applicants a share of the money due to the unique impact on all Groups in the community.

(d) The Awards will be paid by BACS as has been recently done with others. This was agreed.

(e) The CC will need to be innovative during the 2021 – 2022 the Financial Year. Groups which have received money cannot apply again within a year of receiving the Award. Those Groups awarded Grants now cannot apply until after the 23rd February, 2022. It has still to be confirmed that the Funding will be available during the next Financial Year. 

Secretary’s Report Most of the Report were covered within the Meeting. However, Avondale Church has been advised to put in an Expression of Interest for a Disabled Toilet through the Kype Muir Fund. 

Treasurer’s Report

(a) The Report was issued to Members prior to the Meeting. The Report was accepted and noted.

(b) £145 remains in the CC Fund and Members were asked to contact the Treasurer with suggestions as to how this money could be spent. This to be done as soon as possible. 

CC Members Reports

(a) Consideration is being given to setting up a local Community Radio Station. This has been advertised in ‘The Echoes’ and suggestions as to possible content will be welcomed. (L. Hoggan)

(b) It was asked if Cala Homes had been given permission for the building of more houses at the back of Lethame Road. As this was not on the Development Plan, could this be verified? (L. Brown)

(c) Metal framing is going up on the old greenhouse site on the Stonehouse Road. Do the CC know what is being erected? It was said that it is to be a dwelling house. (M. Arnot)

(d) The former Toilet Building on Green Street is being fitted out but there is no news as to who will occupy the building. (L. Brown)

(e) The 20mph Speed Limit in parts of Strathaven is welcomed and maybe it could be applied to the whole town. (G. McAllan)

(f) Fly-tipping is on the increase and SLC should be encouraged to keep on top of it.

(g) The Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust (SJHMT) have withdrawn their Community Asset Transfer Application for the Ballgreen Hall and Former Library building. This was due to the difficulty in finding funding at this time. (G. McAllan)

(h) L. Hoggan and G. McAllan visited the grounds of an old house in Glassford where new houses are planned. Signs of an orchard and of an old Castle was found. The clients were given a Report on the findings. (G. McAllan) 

SLC Councillors Reports

Councillor G. Campbell

(a) He reported that he had been very busy during the Pandemic and that he had had to take on new duties (e.g. Grants, Vaccines etc.). Vaccinations A Community Council constituted under section 52 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 as amended. are going well although there had been minor problems with supply to one GP Practice.

(b) Housing issues have become much worse during the Pandemic.

(c) The Flats proposed for Kirk Street are due to be started in March.

(d) The East Overton site work is on hold at present as are SLC housing plans.

(e) Complaints regarding the proposed Dovesdale Incinerator are high. It was agreed that this issue be included on the Agenda for the next CC meeting.

Councillor I. Dorman She said that Councillor Campbell had covered what has been happening and that she had been busy doing core work and attending meetings. 


(a) Councillors were asked what was being done to support town centre trading and what was being done about Participatory Budgeting and community consultation? In reply it was said that Participatory Budgeting was ongoing. This was originally on a South Lanarkshire basis but now had to be at Scotland level with COSLA involvement. This had delayed the process. There is no Pilot Scheme in South Lanarkshire. L. Hoggan said that the Kype Muir Community Partnership set up aid in 2018 and that a Community Survey had also been carried out. Much has been done for local businesses by way of an App and via the Strathaven Business Association.

(b) M. Johnson followed up by asking about digital access to business and the challenge involved in Participatory Budgeting? He also felt that communities should be empowered and that Projects should be put to the community to allow them a say in decision making. Councillor Campbell agreed to arrange a meeting with M. Johnson with himself, Councillor Cooper, Councillor Dorman plus L. Hoggan from the CC.

(c) M. McDonald asked how visitors to the town would know about the 20mph Speed Limit as there were no signs indicating this. In response it was said that signs would be going up and that no one can be booked until the signs are in place. 


(a) Heritage Trails for Apps are planned and will be available on the Discover Strathaven website and the SJHMT website.

(b) M. Johnson asked if Applications for funding could be submitted to the KMF? He was informed that Grants could be applied for but the next meeting to consider them would be in May, 2021. He was advised to check the website and discuss things with L. Hoggan. He was also informed that the CC was inclusive and did not have many smaller group meetings. A Community Council constituted under section 52 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 as amended.

(c) S. Tulloch asked if Police Scotland were still going to be giving Reports to the CC? This was not known at present as there had been personnel changes locally within the Police.

(d) The Chairperson asked Members to let L. Hoggan know about items for the Agenda for the March meeting at least a week before the date of the meeting . 

Date of Next Meeting:- Tuesday 30th March at 7.00pm via Zoom. Details will be published on http://www.strathaven.org

Members of the Public are most welcome to all our Meetings.

All correspondence to strathavencommcouncil@gmail.com. 


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